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Goteborg, Sweden
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Theme Park Review's MASSIVE Europe Trip Photo Update!
Day 7: Liseberg
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Here you can see the two S&S towers, and the banana ride's lift and helix.

Yay!  Haunted House walk through!

Elissa decides that since Balder kicked ass, the game much too!

Elissa likes putting balls in the hole.

"I won Balder merchandise!!!"

Giving Robb a weapon is NOT a good idea!

Put your Krap in here....I mean, Skrap...same thing!!!

One too many disturbing photos of Robb in this update!

Elissa the "No-Fun Girl" refused to ride the spinning raft ride (which we know doesn't spin and isn't a raft ride!)

Man overboard!!!!

The happy green bunnies are very happy to see us!

Elissa is NOT a happy green bunny!

The "Come Field" <snicker>

"Ah, Randolf, my long lost metal statue relative!"

We couldn't figure out why the park had a star dedicated to Michael....

....oh, NOW it makes more sense!!!!

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