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Goteborg, Sweden
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Theme Park Review's MASSIVE Europe Trip Photo Update!
Day 7: Liseberg
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Here you can get an idea of what the park looks like.  It's nice, quaint, and yes, we see you in the background, Balder!

It was just a little bit wet in the morning!

Now that we got Balder and Kanonen out of the way, time for the REAL coaster....

...the kiddie coaster!!!  Yay!!!

Rob, Martyn and friends joined us too!  The park might have had a cool escalator, but it's not Parque Espana!

The antique car spinny ride.  Needless to say, Elissa won't be riding this one!

And now, "fun in the mirror maze!"

"Three jews?  Nobody told me there would be three jews!"

Robb looks pretty normal here...we gotta change that....

....yeah, now THAT's more like it....MUTATED ROBB!!!!

Apparently, Sweden has some sort of weird Dinosaur problem.

No head ons!!!!

Yes, Robb, you in that lime green poncho looks SOOOO sexy!

Auditions for being a female statue are next week, Robb.

Here is a photo of a Space Shot.  Like that awesome caption?  Took me at LEAST 9 seconds to think of it.

We took a break, went back to the hotel, and stopped at where?  McDonalds of couse!

It's a Big a Pita!

The hottest chick working at McDonalds, EVER!!!

"We would both give our left nut to have hot McDonalds chick in our loft!"

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