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Sierksdorf, Germany
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Theme Park Review's MASSIVE Europe Trip Photo Update!
Day 9: Hansa Park

The "Bizarro Ride Of The Day" award goes to the "Metro Liner"

The only way to describe it would be like saying it's a "double bayern curve" on steroids!

It's got an engine that pulls it along the track!

We were all confused!  But it was fun!

Ahh, spinning rapids rides!

Dan: "Yeah, baby...Robb is touching me!"
Joey: "I hope he touches me next!"

It's a log flume.  It doesn't dance a gig, but it will get you wet!

And now for the creepy story of:
"Orki the molestation whale versus Elissa!"

"Hello, I am Orki.  I look innocent, but really I enjoy torturing women!"

Elissa, unsuspecting of any molestation furry whales stands ordering a pretzel.

Oh My God!  Now she's met Orki!

Orki puts her into the whale head lock!

And starts to give her what looks like it's an "indian burn" on the head!  (this is probably some furry whale courting ritual!)

Elissa tries to escape but Orki won't let her!

More rubbing and stuff going on!

Finally Elissa makes a break for it!!!

And runs to Pingi the penguin...who doesn't molest her although Elissa wouldn't have minded!

We had a fun day at Hansa Park!  We knew very little about this place other than it's location and that credits existed there.
I'm glad we made the stop, because it was GREAT! 

Our traffic, however, not so good that night thanks to some gnarley accidents!

The DHL truck wasn't getting it's packages to their destination tonight!

At the hotel, we nearly rented this "Bicycle made for 6" contraption!

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