Thorpe Park
Surrey, England
Official Web Site:

The ECO Tour officially begins!

The Orange coach has no idea what their bus will become!

This little park has a world record holder coaster.

1st Inversion!

Airtime Hill!

Our local English tour guides Wayne and Kev show us the ropes.

It looks like some sort of psychotic flat ride, but it’s 4 heartlines!

Look how close it gets to the ground!

Elissa gets ready for her most anticipated coaster in the UK!

We love this.  Everyone else thinks we're crazy (and they're probably right!) But we love this.

“Robb, get your fat butt in the train so I can go on X!!!!!”

This ride is awesome!

Tim, Dave, and Greg use the secret X language to tell everyone to ride it!

You didn’t think Robb and Elissa wouldn’t find the DDR machine did you??

Oh yeah, and Robb asked Elissa to marry him while she was perched on Colossus supports (The Intamin Throne we called it!)
…there couldn’t be a better place for Elissa!  (yes, we know, we know...we're really NOT this sad in normal life!)  =)

She said yes =)

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