Walibi World (Six Flags Holland)

Biddinghuizen, Netherlands
Official Web Site: http://www.starparks.com/

European Coaster Odyssey 2002

We actually had to get the Six Flags gardening team to move to get this picture!  =)

The entrance looked a lot like "Universal Studios Holland"

This park was even nicer themed than the other European Six Flags.

Yet another Vekoma rides hides in a castle.

This Intamin mini-hyper was the focal point of this park.

This Goliath is MUCH better than the California version!

You can tell Elissa is on Holland's Goliath because of the smile on her face.

The Stengel Dive is really the closest thing to an inversion on this ride.

Paul is enjoying his rides on Goliath.

POV of the Stengel dive!

Goliath heads into it's final bunny hills.

Those Europeans really are "PG-13"

The park had a really nice kids area.

Robb didn't want to take any chances after the "Foghorn Incident!"

What on earth can they be looking for???

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