Europa Park
Rust, Germany
Official Web Site:
Europa Park English Website

European Coaster Odyssey 2002

The entrance to Europa Park.

Once again, like the other mainland parks, you'll find a lot of family rides here.

Mmmmm!  Robb gets another Crepe.

This park was very well themed and beautifully landscaped.

The water coaster was a LOT of fun.....

...but Silver Star was just 'ok'.

Silver Star had a nice queue and lots of souveniers!

Typical B&M hyper hill.....

...but watch out for those trims, they are on heavy!

Luckily the frisbee didn't have a trim on it!  =)

This ground hugging S-turn finale was the best part of the ride!

Europa's Mouse was anything but ordinary....

...with an vertical elevator lift system that tilted the car side to side on the way up!

I didn't know EPCOT got a wild mouse!  =)

The Wild Mouse was nicely themed around this castle.

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