Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands
Official Website:
Efteling English Website

European Coaster Odyssey 2002!
Two weeks visiting Europe's best theme parks!

Bret is really confused by this park!

This is one of many dark rides at Efteling.

Elissa likes the penguins in this ride!

Here are some of the parks wacky mascots.

Ok, so Vogel Rok was about a bird, lots of lights, Vekoma-ness..and...and...I have NO idea!  =)

Hey look!  Steve Nuss makes an appearance in the Europe trip!

We found that the benches at Efteling were quite comfortable!

This was the most exciting thing at the park.

Actually, no, watching Elissa eat a hot dog was pretty cool too!  =)

These little cars were a hit with the kids!

There were plenty of flat rides everywhere.

Marlon and Matt are about to ride the Vekoma looper!

No matter how hard you try and decorate it, it's still a Vekoma ride.

These funky trash cans were all over the park.

They must have known ACE was coming!  =)

Bench sitting was quite the popular event at Efteling!

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