Disneyland Paris Resort
Marne De Vallee, France
Official Web Site:

European Coaster Odyssey 2002!
Two weeks visiting Europe's best theme parks!

Disneyland Paris' castle is inspired by Mont St. Michel.

The entrance to the park is under the Disneyland hotel.

Robb & Elissa hope that Space Mountain is as good as it was on their last visit.

Space Mountain is themed to a rocket launching the car towards the moon.

A view of the launch tube from the train.

Elissa is in 'rodent heaven' at the character lunch!

Mr. Smee seems to be quite attracted to Robb!

Hey!  Bring us the other rodents back!

We both agree that this ride was much better when it ran forward!

The first ever Disney loop!  =)

At least the ride has nice theming.

Now it's time for some Robb & Elissa antics in the Alice maze.

Elissa is shocked to enter 'midget world'.

Did you know that Midget world is filled with water???

Robb & Elissa share one last moment before the Queen's men decent on them!

The best mine train in the world!  =)

This version of Big Thunder Mountain blows all the others away!

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