Botton's Pleasure Beach
Skegness, England
Official Website:

This park was a surprise bonus for us!

Jeff and his awesome coaster count system tell us that the Wacky Worm is two credits!

First Pinfari of the trip…

Derek discovers that he is a giant in England, yet still has problems driving on the opposite side.

…Doesn’t look too bad…

…uhh we’d rather go back to the Vekoma ride!

At least we didn’t have to wait for it!

Elissa finds that this ride is much better than any of the Vekoma ones, smooth or not!

Robb told us many stories about the Waltzer…

We didn’t quite believe it till we saw the guy following the cars around spinning them even more!

This shot gives you an idea of the seaside location of this little park.

Jeff doesn’t know how many to count this coaster as!

Robb, still suffering from jetlag and bad airline food, tries to eat the plastic hot dog!

The Queen Bee coaster opened a mere week after we were there.=(

Elissa’s a giant too!

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