Alton Towers Theme Park
Stoke-On-Trent, England
Official Web Site:

We arrive at the Alton Towers hotel, which was the best hotel of the trip!

The nice British kids point us in the direction of the McDonalds.

Elissa gets to eat again!

From here you can tell Oblivion isn't quite a vertical drop coaster!

That hole looks pretty small to go through!

"Don't look down!"

The HUGE B&M train makes it just fine...."

Elissa enjoys her 16 second ride on Oblivion!

We all wish the Corkscrew would only last 16 seconds!

Another shot of this awesome Vekoma wonder!

After a Vekoma head injury, Elissa has a momentary lapse of judgment and lets Robb spin her around.

"Tic, Tac,. Nut???"

Derek, always having lapse of judgement allows Robb & Bret to spin him.

Bret is happy to be on the dark ride, Toyland Tours!

Is she on the ACE tour??? 

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