Beech Bend Park - Kentucky Rumbler
NOTE!  Onride footage in this video has been shot by an experienced ride photographer. For rider safety reasons, Please DO NOT take a camera on any ride or roller coaster without proper training or permission from park management.
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Posted Date : Thu 15th Oct 2009
wahts the name of this song .. its addictive
Posted Date : Fri 7th Aug 2009
reply from Cygnus12: only in kentucky
Posted Date : Sun 18th Jan 2009
Nice video! I can't beleive this place had a Venture 'Scat' ride; I thought those were reserved only for small, trashy carnivals. lol
Posted Date : Tue 9th Dec 2008
This is still one of my favorite TPR videos! Plus I love this coaster!
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Beech Bend Park in Bowling Green, KY have a GCI Wooden Coaster, Kentucky Rumbler. Complete POV of this new coaster as well as the rest of the park!
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