Kings Dominion Intimidator 305 POV Video
NOTE!  Onride footage in this video has been shot by an experienced ride photographer. For rider safety reasons, Please DO NOT take a camera on any ride or roller coaster without proper training or permission from park management.
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Posted Date : Sat 3rd Dec 2011
hello its alecpati66 even though im banned!! ahahhahha
Posted Date : Tue 1st Jun 2010
Rode the 305 yesterday...INTENSE defines this ride! The videos I've seen of this ride doesnt do it justice~you have to experience it for yourself. Ascending the 305 foot first hill in a mere 10 secs. then dropping at a 85 degree angle looking at the ground, add to that some intense g forces through the first turn and it's still flying throughout the entire track til it hits the brakes at the end. Didn't experience any blackout/greyout however my 19yr old son did. At 6'2'' I had some discomfort with the harness during the helix portion. Other than that as a previos person stated this ride will leave you in AWWWWWWWWWWE!!
Posted Date : Thu 29th Apr 2010
Going to ride on Saturday wish me luck
Posted Date : Sun 25th Apr 2010
Oh...just rode this puppy today. The ride was fun, but the shoulder harness was not well suited for a short gal like myself. I whacked myself in the jaw/neck coming out of the second high speed turn, and it hurt a lot. Also, all four of us in my party almost passed out at some point or other...
Posted Date : Sun 18th Apr 2010
I am 43 and have ridden alot of coasters. While there still are a few that may actually be more fun, NO OTHER COASTER I HAVE EVER RIDDEN WILL LEAVE YOU MORE IN AWE! PERIOD!!! This ride is sooo intense that you literally nearly pass out by the end of the first turn. From the first amazing drop, over the next hill (amazing negative G's!) and through all of the twists and turns that follow it is simply a joy ride above all others! You will have to ride it to believe it!!!
Posted Date : Sat 3rd Apr 2010
It was insane!!! I loved it! Definately INTIMIDATING!!!!
Posted Date : Tue 17th Nov 2009
I think the coaster rocks!
Posted Date : Sat 7th Nov 2009
too tall for mega but layout does look like a mega. You are right.
Posted Date : Mon 12th Oct 2009
It looks like it will be a "good" coaster. The first drop will be amazing, but the rest could have just been achieved with a launch, making it even more race car realistic.
Posted Date : Sat 3rd Oct 2009
Is it just me, or does this look KIND of like a giant MegaLite?
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Kings Dominion Intimidator 305 POV Video
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