Sweet Hershey Park Video
NOTE!  Onride footage in this video has been shot by an experienced ride photographer. For rider safety reasons, Please DO NOT take a camera on any ride or roller coaster without proper training or permission from park management.
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Posted Date : Sat 17th Jan 2009
Not a very good ending, but still an awesome video.
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This video contains off-ride footage of the most perfectly placed roller coasters on earth to "Rocketship" by Shiny Toy Guns. This video was a very hard video to shoot because the park was very crowded that day. We wanted to get as much footage as possible but we still wanted to ride the rides. Of course we do that. We don't just go there to film. None of us had ever been on Fahrenheit, which may I add is a good coaster for Hershey, so we were super excited. Hershey's other hit coaster, Storm Runner, didn't open until 2 pm and we were getting worried that the ride would not open and our video would suffer from lack of Storm Runner footage. However, we were surprised when we saw the coaster zoom over the hill infront of us. Enjoy!
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