Castles N Coasters
Phoenix, AZ

The arcade was actually pretty impressive!  
Nice selection of pinball and 80s games for us old people!  =)

Elissa found her penguin game to play.

After some time in the arcade, we went back to the "Rides-N-Stuff" part of the park.
What exactly is the "Stuff" anyway?

With fairly low height restrictions for the rides, this was a very family friendly park.

Here you can see the log flume and the roller coaster.
(I paid an advertising firm fifty bucks for that caption!)

Here is the first drop of the coaster!
(That was cost me seventy-five!)

There were some cool views to get while waiting in the station.

Overall, the ride was pretty good.  Some strong G-forces and a couple of brutal moments, though.

The inversions on this ride are so messed up, I don't even know what 
this would be considered in coaster-geek speak!

Hey!  Isn't that "No Smile Boy???"

This is the park's very high-tech way of drying the go kart track.

The park is so ghetto they make you cook your own food!!!!

Here is one of the ghetto height check signs.
I thought it should have said "If you're as tall as my cleavage, you can ride me!"

Elissa is baffled while reading the map....
"Is that really how you spell Carousel?"

...Apparently this is how in Arizona!  =)

Again, we're used to English, but this park's signage is in Ghetto!

Yay!  Finally the real reason for this trip!

Forget Balsamic Chicken!  It's all about the meatballs now!

All the spaghetti that Robb could eat!  (Which is a LOT!)

  • This was one of those 'last minute' trips we decided to do, mainly because we were REALLY hungry!

  • We ended up getting TWO Carrabba's credits on this trip!  Yay!

  • The park was actually nice, it reminded us a lot of "Castle Park" in CA, but the clientele, the staff, and the area
    was not the best.  Just be careful if you decide to make the trip out to the park.

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