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Download Coaster Footage Volume 5

Download Coaster Footage Volume 5

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Coaster Footage Volume 5

This Video Includes lots of roller coaster footage set to music including the following coasters:

- La Qua (Thunder Dolphin - POV, Linear Gale - offride, Spinning Coaster - offride, Geo Panic - offride)
- Tokyo Summerland (Hyabusa - onride, Torando - onride)
- Sea Paradise (Surf Coaster - POV, Dolphin Coaster - POV)
- Cosmoworld (Vanish - onride)
- Expoland (Orochi - POV, Daidarasaurus - onride, Fujin Raijin II - onride, Space Salamander - onride)
- Toshimaen (Cyclone - onride, Shuttle Loop - onride, Corkscrew - onride)
- Tobu Zoo (Regina - POV, Crazy Mouse - POV)
- Nara Dreamland (Aska - POV, Screw Coaster - POV, Bobsleigh - POV)
- Festival Gate (Delphis - onride)
- Fuji-Q (Dodonpa - offride, Fujiyama - POV, Double Loop - onride, "Hamster Coaster" - POV)
- Yomiuriland (White Canyon - POV, Bandit - onride, Standing & Looping - POV, SL Coaster - onride)
- Nagashima Spaland (White Cyclone - onride, Ultra Twister - POV, Corkscrew - onride, Looping Star - onride)
- Hirakata (Elf - POV, Red Falcon - POV, Fantastic Coaster Rowdy - onride, Crazy Mouse - POV)
- Parque Espana (Pyrenees - POV, Gran Montserrat - POV)
- Tokyo Disneyland (Big Thunder Mountain - onride, Pooh's Honey Hunt - onride)
- Tokyo DisneySea (Flounder's Flying Fish - onride, Journey To The Center Of The Earth - onride)
- Dollywood (Thunderhead - POV)
- Dutch Wonderland (Sky Princess - POV)
- William's Grove (Cyclone - POV)
- Lake Winnie (Cannonball - POV)
- Sea World Orlando (Journey to Atlantis - onride)
- Sea World San Deigo (Journey to Atlantis - onride)
- Disney's California Adventure (Superstar Limo - onride)
- New York, New York (Manhattan Express - POV)

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Q:What is this difference between this video and "Roller Coasters in the RAW?"
A:The "Roller Coasters in the RAW" videos features fewer roller coasters, but a more complete experience. They include the entire lift hill of each coaster and all the raw audio associated with them. The "Coaster Footage" videos offer MORE roller coasters per video, but often do not include lift hills or the actual audio of the coaster because the video is set to music.


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