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Download Roller Coasters in the Raw Volume 7 - WOOD!

Download Roller Coasters in the Raw Volume 7 - WOOD!

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Roller Coasters in the Raw Volume 7 - WOOD!

The Video Includes the following coasters:

    1. Dauling Dragon
    2. Wodan
    3. Anaconda
    4. Blue Streak (CLP)
    5. Colossos
    6. Wood Coaster
    7. Ravine Flyer II
    8. Jupiter
    9. Comet (Waldameer)
    10. White Canyon
    11. Regina
    12. Bandit
    13. Tonnerre De Zeus
    14. White Cyclone
    15. Zipper Dipper (India)
    16. Son of Beast

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    To play this file on your iPod, iPad or iPhone, open iTunes and drag this file into your "movies" folder. Sync your device and this video should play just like any other movie. You should also be able to play this file on other .mp4 compatible mobile devices or on your PC/Mac with Quicktime Player.

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    ***NOTE! For older iPod users, in iTunes there should be an option to "convert to iPod" as one as I did this video slightly higher quality for iPad as the default. Click on the file, and then click the "advanced" tab in iTunes and you should see the option.


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