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Download Coaster Footage Volume 12

Download Coaster Footage Volume 12

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Coaster Footage Volume 12 - Video Appox. 1 hour
Features the following coasters:
1. Lotte World - Atlantis Adventure, French Revolution, Comet Express
2. Tongdo Fanatasia - Fantasia Special, Fantasia Mini Special
3. Kumdori Land - Black Hole Express, Space Adventure
4. Kyungju World - Phaethon, Atomic Coaster
5. Woobang Towerland - Camel Back, Boomerang, Magic Castle
6. Children's Grand Park - 88 Train, Crazy Mouse
7. Seoul Land - Black Hole 2000, Doulbe Loop Columbia, Crazy Mouse
8. Everland - T Express, Eagle's Fortress, Racing Coaster, Rolling X-Train
9. Happy Valley Beijing - Crystal Wings, Golden Wings, Jungle Racing
10. Nanhu Park - Crazy Roller Coaster, Dragon
11. Beijing Amusement Park - Looping Coaster, Superspeed Cool Cool Bear
12. Amazing World - Roller Skater, Flying Coaster
13. Chimelong Paradise - Dive Coaster, Motorbike Launch Coaster, 10 Inversion Coaster,
14. Mysterious Island - Skycar, Screamin' Squirrel
15. Pearl Land - Jet Coaster, Loop & Screw, Jungle Mouse
16. Shijingshan Park - Feng Shen Coaster, Shenzou Coaster, Spinning Batman, Looping Roller Coaster, Jurassic Adventure, Worm Coaster, Crazy Mouse, Mine Coaster
17. Sun Park - Fruit Worm Coaster, Jungle Mouse, Mine Coaster, Roller Coaster, Spinning Coaster
18. Happy Valley Shenzhen - Mine Coaster, Snow Moutain, Wild Elfin
19. Nasu Highland - Big Boom, Camel Coaster, Spin Turn, F2
20. Tobu Zoo - Kawasemi
21. Hanayashiki - Roller Coaster
22. Seibuen Yuenchi - Loop Screw
23. Doocoland - Viper
24. Honey Lake - Double Loop Coaster
25. Jing Ying Park - Speed Slide


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