Stark Raven Mad Trip 2001
Photos and Captions by Elissa White

Yes, we were credit whores and stood in line for the kiddie coaster.

Another beautiful day at Cedar Point, Americas Rainy Coast.

We're smiling now, but that's the only time we smiled on Magnum, it sunk shortly after this photo was taken.

The group next to Draggin Iron's lair

The shirt says it all!

Mmmm, Intamin Parts!

Kevin Teufer (pronounced 2-4) finally gets to ride in train 2, seat 4.

What is it with boys kissing Robb on this trip??? Are they all really that desperate??

Another group shot by the "Afro" fountain

I believe that Robb is trying to hide a few of his chins in this picture, or maybe he's just trying to check out Natalie back in the station!

Power Tower, always fun when there's no wait!

Good thing the future isn't riding on these three!

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