Stark Raven Mad Trip 2001
Six Flags Worlds of Adventure

Photos and captions by Robb Alvey & Elissa White

Shouldn't this sign be describing SFA's Superman?  =) 

Elissa and Derek take a front seat ride on SUE!

Mmmmm....It doesn't get much better than this!

"Insert Fred noise here!"

Elissa has begun collecting Intamin parts to build her own SUE in Florida.

The obligatory B&M shot for Kevin!

The obligatory Kevin shot for B&M!

Both Kevin and Derek arrived in the kiddie coaster station slumped over in their seats. 
This coaster obviously has more forces than Goliath!

Robb & Elissa check to see if Derek and Kevin suffered an aneurysm on the kiddie coaster! 

Since X-flight wasn't open, Elissa tries the 'laydown' position on Road Runner Express.

Robb seems pretty excited about Roadrunner Express, but Elissa still needs to catch up on her sleep!'s the Villain sign.  

The Villain has really improved this year!

Elissa prepares for "The Drop"

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