Stark Raven Mad Trip 2001
Paramount's Kings Island

One of the highlights of PKI was Drop Zone, an Intamin Gyro Drop!

Riders board in a big circle, and get the grand view of this awe-inspiring park on the way up!

Elissa's pretty psyched to be on her favorite ride in the park!

AAAHHHH!!!!  This shot was taking right as it first dropped!

*WHOOSH!*  Elissa gets blown by Intamin!

"It's a looping woodie, right?"

Derek and Kevin seem a little too excited to be riding Son Of The Beast together!

Look at that, it *IS* a looping woodie!

Son Of The Beast is a really big woodie that loop-de-loops!  Yay!

Elissa makes an attempt at some pole dancing from her previous career as a Las Vegas showgirl......

.....But Kevin totally shows her up!  Look at the expression on his face. He really gets into this!

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