Stark Raven Mad Trip 2001
Holiday World

Um..Alan?  Are you ok, man?  Maybe you bashed your head a little TOO hard, there, buddy!  =)

Ok, Alan, never mind.  Compared to Fred, you look SO normal!  =)

It would appear that Moosh got the most action out of anyone this trip!

Hey look!  It's Elliot!!!

Domestic violence takes place as Fred and Elissa get into a sweater fight!
I knew those Mormon's were aggressive, but this?  

OMG, this is serious!  Although, trying to fight Elissa, Fred is certainly the loser of this battle!

No event would be the same without seeing the 'famous melon' of Mike Saunders.

Hmm, it would appear that not just Moosh was getting action, but Santa Claus as well!

"Now please put on your 3D glasses, as Kodak and the Walt Disney Company proudly present 'Fred's Finger' in 3D"

Arriving back to the Legend station.  Notice the bell is still in tact.

"Sir, can you spare some extra change?  I need to buy more Goliath paint for my hair."

Todd and Walt, this first pair of twins shows up at Stark Raven Mad!

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