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Six Flags St. Louis
4900 Six Flags Road, Eureka, MO 63025
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Theme Park Review's 2010 Mid-America Trip

Yup. They have one of these...and it works!

Ready for the BIG Spin? Where's our cups of water?

You guys know this spins, right?

Yup. We rode Bruce Springsteen. He's getting a bit rattley in his old age.

One train empty, one train full...

This is the BEST IDEA I've seen all year at any Six Flags park! I free cup holder for your souvenir bottles! All TPR readers please do us a favour... Any time a discussion about a parks locker policy comes up, and people complain about the souvenir cups, link them to this picture!!! More parks need to see this!!!

OMG! KidTums actually won a Giant Ass Panda!!!

This was in the toilet stall door in the bathroom...I'm slightly disturbed!!!

Just doing my part to make the world a less confusing place.


Water sprinkler on the midway...BEST IDEA EVAR!!!

We finally got Hanno to shower!

Ahhh...look at that! If Twisted Twins is ever going to roll again, it's going to need new trains!

I see Lola and Stella, but what coaster is that Arrow train from?

Do you prefer "Shaft 1" or "Shaft 2?" EMAIL DAN and let us know!!! mrt0ad13@aol.com

Signature shot!!!

Other parks...GET THESE!!!

Oh no...

Do we really need the credit that bad??

Sorry guys!

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