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Movieland Studios
SS249 Gardesana Orientale, 37014, Castelnuovo del Garda Italy
+39 045 644 9777
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Theme Park Review's Europe 2010 Trip

There's explosions...

And stunts the trucks do that would be totally illegal in the USA!

"What in the hell did I just ride???"

'Hi...we're on Shag Carpet: The Ride."

The highlight of the Canevaworld resort is the Aqua Studios water park!

There are three rides here that are in the "never in America" category. The first is Stukas.

These body slides are giant and for some reason they seem a lot higher when you are at the top!

Now onto Twin Peaks...also known as the ghetto master blaster.

First you start by going down this simple looking drop...

See...looks easy, right?

But then...you approach the hill of OMFG!

...and then OMFG AIRTIME!!! This right here was the most terrifying water park moment ever!!!

This video was not filmed by TPR, but it's amazing! And a perfect example of how screwed up and crazy this ride is. Enjoy!

Don't worry, if you wipe out (which happens a lot!), you can crawl out of the slide!

"It's time to eat! Yummy Yummy!"

"Piers, I promise I won't use this picture of you." "Deal."

And now onto the Water Jump...

See those two Fallopian tubes over there? They will kill you in the best way possible!!!

The concept behind the Water Jump is simple.... you fly down the tube as fast as humanly possible, only to reach an uphill ramp at the bottom of the tube that you are LAUNCHED off of, into the water!


It's both terrifying and totally amazing!

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