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Haunt Weekend '03
Knott's Berry Farm & Disneyland Resort!

It's that time of year again, Knott's Halloween Haunt!

But first we decided to go in the park early for a few coaster rides!

Gregg finds a shirt that suits him just fine!

Robb likes this one better!  =)

Time for a pre-haunt spin on the Log Flume!

Something about Red Riding Hood.

Look everyone!  It's the backside of Amy!!!!

Gregg was really hungry at the pre-haunt dinner...

So he ate everyone else at the table! 

Everyone looks stupid in 3D!

Ok, boys, that's enough "Wooooo!  Look, we're in Threeeee-Deeeee" antics with the camera!

More monsters.....not too scary yet!

This is the only time we saw the "sign people" in front of the ride that the sign belonged to!

Don't steal that shaker can or you might get kicked!  =)

Dan finally got a date!

Wow...I mean...WOW!!!  When did Jim and Kendall start working Haunt????

Awww!  Dan's going to be soooo jealous!


Oh, wait, no...I take that back!

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