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ScreenShot Title Game User Upload Date Type Description Rank
Shark. Shark. NoLimits bravo 2015-03-05 Tracks and Custom Tracked Rides Custom Hyper B&M Coaster. Enjoy.
Vertigo Bravo Vertigo Bravo NoLimits bravo 2011-08-19 Tracks and Custom Tracked Rides My new woodie, enjoy it and don't forget to rate it.
Nitro Nitro NoLimits bravo 2011-08-03 Track of The Week Contest My new creation, a B&M hyper coaster. Enjoy it and please rate it!
Acertijo Acertijo NoLimits bravo 2011-06-18 Tracks and Custom Tracked Rides B&M stand up coaster. Rate it!
AtmosFear AtmosFear NoLimits bravo 2011-05-24 Tracks and Custom Tracked Rides My new custom ride, a kind of old drop tower, Enjoy it and do not forget to rate it!
Xcite Xcite NoLimits bravo 2011-05-19 Tracks and Custom Tracked Rides It's started as a Stand Up, but I decided to make it floorless just because that way it looks better...
Velocity Monster Velocity Monster NoLimits bravo 2011-05-11 Custom Flat Rides My newest wooden roller coaster, please rate. Enjoy it
Wicked Wicked NoLimits bravo 2011-05-07 Custom Flat Rides My new Intamin Lanched coaster. Please rate. Enjoy it!
Robin Hood Robin Hood NoLimits bravo 2011-04-20 Custom Flat Rides My interpretation of the famous woodie from Walibi. Hoper u like it!
Tomahawk Tomahawk NoLimits bravo 2011-02-26 Tracks and Custom Tracked Rides Type: Intamin Hyper Coaster Length: 1315.86mt Speed: 103km/h Height: 50m
Hollywood Dream Hollywood Dream NoLimits bravo 2011-02-11 Tracks and Custom Tracked Rides My own version of Hollywood Dream: The Ride.
Total : 11