Photo TR: Southern Knights Car Show

Attention all classic car fans.
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Photo TR: Southern Knights Car Show

Postby imawesome1124 » Sun Apr 15, 2012 12:54 pm

Every year in early spring, Charlotte Hall, MD has their annual Southern Knights Classic Car Show. Any car can enter the show as long as they are at least 25 years old. This was one of the best shows I've been to. There wasn't any car that really "wowed" me like there's been in the past, but the overall quality of this show was better than most I've been to. This TR will be divided into two parts since I took over 80 pictures. I'm done talking, on to the photos.
005 (800x600).jpg
Not even into the show and there's already nice cars scattered everywhere.

006 (800x600).jpg
This was a big truck, but you can't really tell from this photo.

007 (800x600).jpg
So I'll be a point of reference. I'm 5'9 and only come up to the mirror.

008 (800x600).jpg
Great contrast of old and new. Still not in the show btw.

009 (800x600).jpg
I can't think of a good caption for this... so... it's a trike.

010 (800x600).jpg
Finally in the show. First thing we see is an immaculate, pristine Bel-Air next to a rust bucket Beetle.

011 (800x600).jpg
The Southern Knights Car Show always has a bike section, and this was one on the nicer ones there.

012 (800x600).jpg
American pride!

013 (800x600).jpg
I'm already running out of captions. It's a Chevelle by the way.

015 (800x600).jpg
I'll admit it, I know nothing about bikes. But I know that this is a classic by looking at it (and reading the sign that says it was built in 1941).

016 (800x600).jpg
If someone strapped a stuffed pig to a Chopper would it be called a "pork chop"? Ha, I crack myself up... you're not laughing. Oh, never mind.

017 (800x600).jpg
Close-up of the paint job.

018 (800x600).jpg
I thought the exhaust pipe on this was really cool.

019 (800x600).jpg
This bike had hands-down the nicest paint-job, and not just because of the sexy naked lady.

020 (800x600).jpg
The '70 Barracuda is one of my favorite muscle cars, and this is one of the nicest ones I've seen.

021 (800x600).jpg
I just love the shaker air intake they have.

022 (800x600).jpg
Big engine in a '69 Firebird.

023 (800x600).jpg
The Firebird the engine belongs to.

024 (800x600).jpg
This Camaro had some of the nicest ghost-flames I've seen.

025 (800x600).jpg

026 (800x600).jpg
I'm a huge fan of red interiors. Although this isn't one of my favorites it's still really nice.

027 (800x600).jpg
OMG! It's a Creamsiclemobile!

028 (800x600).jpg
There really isn't a car more iconic than the '55 Bel-Air.

029 (800x600).jpg
But you could always make the argument that it's the '57 Bel-Air.

030 (800x600).jpg
One of the nicer dashboards I've seen.

031 (800x600).jpg
This is cool. They incorporated the truck into it's own paint-job.

032 (800x600).jpg
Here's the truck.

033 (800x600).jpg
Stock interior, but it's nice.

034 (800x600).jpg

035 (800x600).jpg
This car had such a shiny paint job you can see the reflection of the car next to it.

036 (800x600).jpg
I love a good Mustang, and this '68 GT is immaculate.

037 (800x600).jpg
Judging by the bucket seats, the roll cage, and the fat rear tires(not pictured), this car was made for the dragstrip.

038 (800x600).jpg
The car.

039 (800x600).jpg
This is one of my favorite shades of blue.

040 (800x600).jpg
My dad's a sucker for Mach 1s. This was his favorite.

041 (800x600).jpg
This '58 Impala just screams "old school".

042 (800x600).jpg
So does the interior.

043 (800x600).jpg
Can't think of a caption for this.

044 (800x600).jpg
Those fins can only mean one thing... it's a '59 El Dorado! I don't have anymore pictures of this, sorry.

045 (800x600).jpg
This was another nice restomod. I think it's a Nova, correct me if I'm wrong.

Second half of the pictures coming later.

Why do I still have a donkey title???
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Re: Photo TR: Southern Knights Car Show

Postby FeelTheFORCE » Sun Apr 15, 2012 2:41 pm

Awesome! Can't wait to see more!
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Why do I still have a donkey title???
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Re: Photo TR: Southern Knights Car Show

Postby imawesome1124 » Sun Apr 15, 2012 5:08 pm

Part Two!
046 (800x600).jpg
This was my favorite Bel-Air of the show.

047 (800x600).jpg
Partly because it has a sexy chick on the air intake.

048 (800x600).jpg
There's just something about these Rat Rods that just makes them look "mean".

049 (800x600).jpg
Now this is my favorite color for a car. For sale you say? hhmmm...

050 (800x600).jpg
Was a car this small ever meant to have an engine this big?

051 (800x600).jpg
This was one of my favorites of the show.

052 (800x600).jpg
For some people, all that matters is how low their car can get.

053 (800x600).jpg
This is a real, for lack of a better term, "aggressive" shade of blue.

054 (800x600).jpg
That's a lot of trophies for one car. In case you can't read the sign it's an all-original Ford Torino GT.

055 (800x600).jpg
Original paint.

056 (800x600).jpg
Original engine.

057 (800x600).jpg
Original interior.

058 (800x600).jpg
YES!!! A '65 Fastback! My all-time favorite muscle car.

059 (800x600).jpg
A De Tomaso Pantera. One of the few cars I ever thought I would see in person.

060 (800x600).jpg
The red and white two-tone of the '60 Corvette is probably one of the most iconic paint jobs.

061 (800x600).jpg
Black/red or red/black is my favorite color scheme for a car.

062 (800x600).jpg
This was my favorite interior of the show.

063 (800x600).jpg
LOL! Noted!

064 (800x600).jpg
This was some nice detailing work. I can't remember what car it was though.

065 (800x600).jpg
Again, don't remember the car, but nice detailing.

066 (800x600).jpg
It's kinda hard to tell, but that's a really deep purple.

067 (800x600).jpg
I'm normally not a fan of the color copper on cars, but it really works here.

068 (800x600).jpg
A Cadillac La Salle. Didn't think I would see one of these up close.

069 (800x600).jpg
It even has a trailer to match.

070 (800x600).jpg
This is the only time a school bus will ever look badass.

071 (800x600).jpg

072 (800x600).jpg
The reason I like the '55 Bel-Air more than the '57 is because they all have two-tone paint jobs whereas most '57s only have a single color.

073 (800x600).jpg
Meep! Meep! Get it... it's a Road Runner?

074 (800x600).jpg
Classic old-school flame job.

075 (800x600).jpg
I liked the rubber cobra on the engine of this old Shelby.

076 (800x600).jpg
1909 Ford. The oldest car I've ever seen in person.

077 (800x600).jpg
It even has wooden rims.

078 (800x600).jpg
A Rolls Royce Silver Cloud Limousine. It doesn't get any more elegant than this.

079 (800x600).jpg
There was even an old Porsche.

080 (800x600).jpg
Me too, me too.

081 (800x600).jpg
This is messed up on so many levels!

082 (800x600).jpg
More wooden rims! There were actually at least 2 more cars with wooden rims but I felt like taking more pictures of them would get kind of redundant.

083 (800x600).jpg
I don't care what anybody says about how rough they ride, driving a T-Bucket is really high on my (T)bucket list.

084 (800x600).jpg
You don't see very many Mavericks. And this one is in perfect shape.

085 (800x600).jpg
I take it back. This is my favorite shade of blue.

086 (800x600).jpg
I caught this right as it was pulling out, and I wish pictures could record sounds. This thing was LOUD! I mean make the entire ground shake, make your internal organs vibrate inside of you, make your vision shake loud!

That's all the pictures I took of this show. Hope you enjoyed!

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