Photo TR: Plopsaland De Panne

A kids park but very nice!
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Photo TR: Plopsaland De Panne

Postby Beeja » Tue Aug 19, 2008 2:54 am

Hey everyone!

As the topic title says, I went to Plopsaland. The visit wasn't planned at all but when my sister told me she was going with her husband and the two kids, I couldn't resist...

So we went on a rainy day, hoping that the crowds would be light. But after driving for an hour, it started raining so hard that we had to slow down to 30 mph on the freeway! It was really scary, we couldn't see a thing! I was already mocking myself that we were the stupidest people to go on that day... But when we arrived at Plopsaland, the rain stopped and the sun came out! The weather was ok for the rest of the day and we had a great time at the park!

The park was called Meli-park in earlier times and it was a park dedicated to honey and honey products. I already visited it back then but I was only 6 years old and I don't remember anything from that day (except that I got this glittering fairy make-up on my face).
The park is now owned by Studio 100 (a television production company) and the park is now dedicated to all sorts of characters that appear in the series the company produces. Most of the series are for the little ones so the park is great fun for them. But I had some great fun too!

The park has some fun coasters, lots of flat rides for the kids and a really lovely boat dark ride. More details of the rides can be found in the captions under the pictures so let's start!

Plopsa 001 (Medium).jpg
Here we are, parked near the entrance at the Pirate Piet banner (Liams chose this spot)!
The dark clouds are just floating away!
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Plopsa 004 (Medium).jpg
Let's see what's behind door number 1!
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Plopsa 005 (Medium).jpg
Who would've thought?! It's the entrance!!
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Plopsa 006 (Medium).jpg
The Golden Gnome on the Golden Globe welcomes us!
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Plopsa 007 (Medium).jpg
Once passed the entrance, you get attacked by photographers who want to take pictures of the kids with the characters. Myra was not amused, she was a bit scared to see them in real life!
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Plopsa 008 (Medium).jpg
Our first ride of the day: a double deck carrousel!
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Plopsa 012 (Medium).jpg
The horse saw my TPR backpack (thanks Big Mike!) and all of the sudden, he was so nervous that his veins plopped out!
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Plopsa 013 (Medium).jpg
Don't worry, horse! We're just enjoying Bench: The Ride!
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Plopsa 010 (Medium).jpg
Next to the carrousel is the entrance plaza with lots of cute houses.
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Plopsa 011 (Medium).jpg
The middle of the plaza is filled with these dancing fountains.
Note: do not run between them when there's much wind!
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Plopsa 017 (Medium).jpg
The first coaster of the day: The Bat!
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Plopsa 019 (Medium).jpg
Hold on tight, guys! The final brake run is not so gentle on the "bits and pieces"!
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Plopsa 020 (Medium).jpg
Oh no! A nerd shot!! I'm getting infected...
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Plopsa 021 (Medium).jpg
The elevator-lift-thingy.
When we were going up, Myra's little heart was pounding like techno music!
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Plopsa 022 (Medium).jpg
Liam is already tired of waiting (it was a 30 minute wait, this thing has a very low capacity).
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Plopsa 023 (Medium).jpg
Myra has a bit more patience and is still smiling after 20'.
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Plopsa 024 (Medium).jpg
OMG! Another nerd shot...
The Bat is a CariPro batflyer!
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Plopsa 025 (Medium).jpg
Seppe and Liam are ready to go!
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Plopsa 027 (Medium).jpg
This could be fun when it's 85°F, not today with 65°F...
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Plopsa 031 (Medium).jpg
My sister Christine and Myra riding the bunnies!
Note: this ride is not gentle on the intestines, the constant rocking almost made me sick!
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Plopsa 032 (Medium).jpg
Liam and I on the bunnies! I'm still smiling so I guess I made this pic at the beginning of the ride...
I love the expression on Liam's face, he's all "Come on, bunny! Faster!!!"
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Plopsa 033 (Medium).jpg
Bench: The Ride is very well themed at this park!
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Plopsa 034 (Medium).jpg
Time to ride The Frogs!
(not for me though, the bunnies were enough)
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Plopsa 036 (Medium).jpg
OMG! Liam, sit down or you're gonna get kicked out!!
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Plopsa 037 (Medium).jpg
The ride is nicely themed . It also makes frog noises and goes "booiiing" when the frogs jump!
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Plopsa 039 (Medium).jpg
Even the trash cans and lamp posts are themed!
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Plopsa 040 (Medium).jpg
A lovemy place to eat.
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Plopsa 042 (Medium).jpg
Alright!! Time for my favorite Studio 100 character: MEGA MINDY!
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Plopsa 043 (Medium).jpg
Mega Mindy catches thieves with her flying bikes!
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Plopsa 046 (Medium).jpg
Liam and Seppe are helping Mega Mindy on the flying bikes.
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Plopsa 048 (Medium).jpg
Myra is also ready to kick some thieves' butt!
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Plopsa 049 (Medium).jpg
This castle houses a dragon and when Liam saw this, he wanted to ride the Dragon Coaster immediately!
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Plopsa 050 (Medium).jpg
Theming around the castle.
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Plopsa 053 (Medium).jpg
The Dragon Coaster through the flags!!!
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Plopsa 055 (Medium).jpg
Dragon Coaster's empty queu: that looks good!
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Plopsa 056 (Medium).jpg
So this is what ERT looks like!
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Plopsa 058 (Medium).jpg
Dragon Coaster onride with log flume in the back ground.
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Plopsa 061 (Medium).jpg
Over the log flume! Wheeeee!
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Plopsa 064 (Medium).jpg
Through the trees AND through the castle!
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Plopsa 068 (Medium).jpg
Liam is becoming a real coaster enthusiast!
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Plopsa 072 (Medium).jpg
Seppe also enjoys the powered ride!

More to come this afternoon, now I'm going to watch the semi finals soccer at the Olympics because Belgium is playing! GO BELGIUM!!
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Postby msep003 » Tue Aug 19, 2008 4:33 am

good Trip Report !

i'm was thinking about going this year for a day trip from Paris but i recently heard they will add a new looping coaster next season so i might wait another season .

This park has some credits too .

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Postby Team Thriller » Tue Aug 19, 2008 5:33 am

I was actually going to take a trip to Plopsaland. Thats is one of the few Belgium parks I don't have the credits at.
So this really helped me plan my trip. Thanks! ;)

--James "Yes, I'm a credit whore" Flint

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Postby Big Mike » Tue Aug 19, 2008 8:33 am

Awesome job Beeja!!

I am not going to be like everyone else and say I can't wait to go to this park now...

... I am going to say I can't wait to go and see Beeja again!!!!!


Love, Big Mike
Wow! Can it be ONLY 8 weeks ago today that we were having fun together??? Seems like years already!
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Miss you Buddy!
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Postby COOOOLkid » Tue Aug 19, 2008 9:17 am

Wow! That park really is beautiful! I love the brick paths.

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Postby AlmereStars » Tue Aug 19, 2008 9:50 am

this park is really the ultimate kids park!! especcially for belgian and dutch kids (kabouter plop, mega mindy, etc are tv programs here). I went last year with my cousin, loved it! great photo's

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Postby Hand 0f Time » Tue Aug 19, 2008 11:08 am

I have never heard of a park called Plopsaland until you posted this. The park is quite beautiful and very well themed. Thanks for sharing this oppritiunity. :D

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Postby hipbrianhop » Tue Aug 19, 2008 11:15 am

Nice Trip report there. The park looks actually pretty good, I love the mainstreet. I won't visit this park until 2009 when the new launched coaster will be finished. But for now, thank god I don't have kids :p Else i will hear 'kabouter plop' on the television all day long!

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Postby zjerre » Tue Aug 19, 2008 11:43 am

nice TR :) too bad TPR didn't visit this park with the europe trip cause i think it's worth it.

imo, it will be belgiums best park from next year on when they have the launched gerstlauer :)

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Postby Beeja » Tue Aug 19, 2008 11:52 am

Alright, here's part two!

And thanks for the nice comments, everyone! Glad you all enjoyed it so far!

Miss you too, Big Buddy! :)

Oh yeah, Belgium lost 4-1 against Nigeria... :(
Plopsa 077 (Medium).jpg
Log flume time!
I read somewhere that this is the highest one in Belgium so we're about to get wet!
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Plopsa 065 (Medium).jpg
Onride on the log flume with some Dragon Coaster tracks above.
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Plopsa 066 (Medium).jpg
At this point, Myra was crying her heart out... Liam on the other hand, haha! He's so enjoying the ride!
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Plopsa 067 (Medium).jpg
Hahaa! Liam got soaked!
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Plopsa 078 (Medium).jpg
Here's Woppy, a Studio 100 character.
There were not much kids around so he had some fun with Myra and Liam, really cool of him!
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Plopsa 082 (Medium).jpg
These are the Mega Mindy Jet Skis. We wanted to ride but the line was a bit too long...
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Plopsa 083 (Medium).jpg
I really love the theming at this ride, even the lamp post has a Mega Mindy mask!
Viewed 14588 times
Plopsa 085 (Medium).jpg
The lake in the middle of the park, including some nice wreckage theming.
Viewed 14588 times
Plopsa 111 (Medium).jpg
Aha! It's time to do some credit whorin'!
Viewed 14588 times
Plopsa 089 (Medium).jpg
The kiddie coaster, themed to a turtle named Dongo!
Viewed 14588 times
Plopsa 090 (Medium).jpg
Guys, no need to be worried! It's a KIDDIE!
Viewed 14588 times
Plopsa 093 (Medium).jpg
Woosh! It goes pretty fast for a kiddie.
Oh, it's also the oldest coaster in Belgium :)
Viewed 14588 times
Plopsa 097 (Medium).jpg
Haha, Liam loves it!
Viewed 14588 times
Plopsa 100 (Medium).jpg
Aha! I see hairtime! Good coaster!
Viewed 14588 times
Plopsa 101 (Medium).jpg
Even returning to the station is fun on this one!
Viewed 14588 times
Plopsa 102 (Medium).jpg
Now this is what I call THROUGH the trees!
Viewed 14588 times
Plopsa 103 (Medium).jpg
Dongo is ready to go YOLOcoaster!
Viewed 14588 times
Plopsa 114 (Medium).jpg
Real tea cup time!
I really love the coffee grinder :)
Viewed 14588 times
Plopsa 115 (Medium).jpg
You spin me 'round 'round baby, right 'round!
Viewed 14588 times
Plopsa 116 (Medium).jpg
Tea cups with the Pirate Zone in the background!

More to come so stay tuned!
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