Photo TR: Hanno's start to the 2009 coaster season

P18: Thorpe Park P19: Duinrell and their Falcon(new coaster)
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Postby Fry » Fri Apr 24, 2009 6:13 am

EEeek, Hanno, you've made me so excited about finally getting to Europa Park this September!

A little worried that I'll only have one day to try and see as much as I can... but, we picked September for the quietness, so... here's hoping!

But, awesome report! I'm sure I'll read it a few times between now and when I get there! :lolr:

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Postby Kooky » Fri Apr 24, 2009 6:17 am

so can`t wait till you do the next trip.... its everytime much fun. hope i can show you soon some pics of my EuropaPark trip. And forgot that i saw the pictures from el toro on this post. When i have time and the money i plan to go on one america coaster trip. And how could i forget the Nürnburg ring, just found a 3D-Rendering of the trains with the wind shields on it. (I`ll post it in the Ring coaster thread).

And what`s about a mini EuropeTrip like you did it the last time!? Is this not planned fpr this season!?
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Postby ElToroExtreme » Fri Apr 24, 2009 11:56 am

Hanno those are awesome as usual... i cant wait till i get out there!

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Postby Six Flags Enthuseast » Fri Apr 24, 2009 10:30 pm

Those were some great pictures again! The expressions of the people in the front seat of Silverstar were priceless. :lolr:

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Postby Speeddeamon128 » Sat Apr 25, 2009 8:58 am

Awesome pics as always Hanno!
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Postby Electerik » Sat Apr 25, 2009 3:54 pm

I remember hearing about those bumper cars when they were first announced. Don't think I've ever seen any photos before now, though. Seems like a really cool idea.

Awesome photos, as always.
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Postby redfoot12 » Sat Apr 25, 2009 8:57 pm

Great pictures all around. I really need to get to Europa Park at some point in my life!

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Postby Mr.Wood » Sat Apr 25, 2009 11:56 pm

Thanks Hanno, This park looks so beautiful.

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Postby Hhappy » Sun Apr 26, 2009 1:23 pm

A while back i did a quick update regarding El Toro. The new GCI at Freizeitpark Plohn (Germany) link

Well this park has more to offer then only a new GCI. The following will be a quick impression of the park and it's rides there.

It is an interesting place and for me personally well worth the trip there...

Picture time..
After driving for 6 hours.. i made it to the park..
Viewed 6701 times
time to walk in, get a ticket and check out the place..
Viewed 6701 times
the welcoming committee.
Viewed 6701 times
Viewed 6701 times
these feel like decent prices to me..
Viewed 6701 times
yeah.. no tarmac
Viewed 6701 times
a nice relaxing area..
Viewed 6701 times
first stop of the day.. credit time..
Viewed 6701 times
almost looks like some sort of "amsterdam tourist" effect
Viewed 6701 times
getting ready for the lifthill..
Viewed 6701 times
Viewed 6701 times
this place gave me the impression of being a real family park.
Viewed 6701 times
and there's a whole other area in the forest..
Viewed 6701 times
ride sign..
Viewed 6701 times
did i mention theming before?
Viewed 6701 times
ok, time to move on..
Viewed 6701 times
it's a saloon.. did not see the show (my bad)
Viewed 6701 times
log flume entrance
Viewed 6701 times
Viewed 6701 times
El toro is right next door..
Viewed 6701 times
time for another credit..
Viewed 6701 times
looks like fun...
Viewed 6701 times
entrance for the coaster and the "rodeo" ride..
Viewed 6701 times
silver mine cars..
Viewed 6701 times
some more track parts..
Viewed 6701 times
there's so much to do in this place.. every corner brings a new surprise
Viewed 6701 times
park transportation..
Viewed 6701 times
log flume drop fun..
Viewed 6701 times
Haunted mill
Viewed 6701 times
yep.. the same track.. but from a different angle..
Viewed 6701 times
ok.. this might be interesting..
Viewed 6701 times
time to check out the rest of this park
Viewed 6701 times
themed slide for the kids.. check..
Viewed 6701 times
shooting gallery.. check..
Viewed 6701 times
another angle for this credit..
Viewed 6701 times
old timer cars..
Viewed 6701 times
inside the forest area..
Viewed 6701 times
happy kids..
Viewed 6701 times
the candy house..
Viewed 6701 times
what is a castle without a dragon?
Viewed 6701 times
freefall tower?? hmm, let's check it out..
Viewed 6701 times
Viewed 6701 times
now what's this?
Viewed 6701 times
some sort of boat ride...
Viewed 6701 times
back in time..
Viewed 6701 times
entrance to the free-fall tower...
Viewed 6701 times
crappy photo.. but it gives an idea..
Viewed 6701 times
only for the small kids
Viewed 6701 times
Viewed 6701 times
by this time.. the temperature was getting to me... so i did not bother to walk all the way there...
Viewed 6701 times
looks like an interesting ride..
Viewed 6701 times
most people were in the el-toro area.. so i did not see this move at all..
Viewed 6701 times
did i mention the lovely signs they have here?
Viewed 6701 times
logflume and el-toro.. pretty close to each other..
Viewed 6701 times
ok, time to go.. next stop.. Belantis park..
Viewed 6701 times
I'm dutch.. not much i can do about that
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Postby Team Thriller » Sun Apr 26, 2009 1:42 pm

Around how far is this from Skyline?
I'm planning a trip probably up there at the end of May.

This TR just helped me tons. Thanks Hanno! :)


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