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Re: Erik & Smisty's Florida Oddventures

Postby dandaman » Sat Mar 05, 2011 7:49 pm

As a Canadian, I'm sorta curious which course/possible tourist trap you got that golf ball from.

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Re: Erik & Smisty's Florida Oddventures

Postby Electerik » Sun Mar 06, 2011 6:49 pm

dandaman wrote:As a Canadian, I'm sorta curious which course/possible tourist trap you got that golf ball from.

Fail. Your sentence is to reread this entire thread. (Hint: start from the end and work your way backwards.)

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Re: Erik & Smisty's Florida Oddventures

Postby aimster » Sun Mar 06, 2011 6:53 pm

Gator Golf! I first encountered this tackily awesome place back in the fall of 2007. I was in Orlando for work and my hotel was across the street from this (and the fabulously ghetto Magical Midway). I fed the gators out front the kibble from the little machines. I remember also in the pens out front, one of the gator handlers was out in one and had the gators swimming up to him and trying to jump in his lap like puppies! :omg:

Last night the boyfriend & I were driving to John's Pass (a little touristy area on the Gulf near Indian Rocks, Reddington, Maderia Beach, etc.) to have dinner at Bubba Gumnp. We passed a couple of really cool themed mini-golf places called Smuggler's Cove (2 different locations down the road from each other). We already had other after dinner plans, but said, "We GOTTA do these sometime!" We did the Congo River golf that's practically around the corner from me in Clearwater. It's nice, but we're always looking for different things to do and play "tourist" sometimes.

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Re: Erik & Smisty's Florida Oddventures

Postby Joe Cool » Sun Mar 06, 2011 11:24 pm

This update is totally awesome because I came on TPR a few minutes ago to search any mini golf P:TRs. Totally awesome because you just posted this. I love me some mini golf, even though I'm terrible. :p


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Re: Erik & Smisty's Florida Oddventures

Postby Electerik » Sat Mar 12, 2011 7:05 am

In honor of this thread's one year anniversary (and Erik's birthday yesterday), Erik & Smisty proudly present our longest and most self-indulgent update yet!

Disney's Animal Kingdom, Asia
One of three entrances into Asia, this is arguably the main one, connecting to the park's center, Discovery Island.
The view from the bridge. The tiny building partially on stilts is a small eating area for the snackery behind it.
This would be a really good photo of said snackery if I were not smack dab in the middle of it. And also if 'snackery' was a word.
The inside. As you can see, most of the theming in Asia is sort of junky/campy.
More seating around the back.
This sort of reminds me of the 'Kidcot' areas at Epcot.
First up, attractions-wise, is the bird show. Which, this sign assures us, is "wonderful."
And...this is pretty much it. Birds fly back and forth. Then a performer comes out pretending to be a tour guide and makes fun of tourists for awhile. I suppose it's okay, but there's nothing here to overcome my inherent dislike of shows.
Afterward, they bring out some birds for pictures.

Hey, have you ever heard that thing about how people start to look like their pets after awhile? Just wondering.
And now for the second-best restaurant in Animal Kingdom! (Although it's still really good.)
Why would you put the word 'yak' in the name of a restaurant? (For that matter, why would you put the word 'yeti'?)
260P2154202.JPG to look like the crazy movie posters...?
Orange chicken and fried rice.

Mango, lemon, and raspberry sorbet is for me. (I could do without the coconut shavings, though.)
Next door (and connected) to Yak & Yeti is this similarly-oriented fast food place.
This stand-alone store is cool, but tiny. (And they sell Yak & Yeti shirts!)
Like, Harry Potter tiny.
And you thought what you had to do at work when things got slow was annoying.
"Don't worry, lady. I'll liven things up!"
Behind the store is the eating area for the fast food place.
Sometimes I'm pretty funny. Today is not one of those times. This is a fountain.
There are two big rides in Asia. This is the first: Kali River Rapids.
The first part of the queue is very "natural."
Then we begin to see signs of civilization.
And then we move indoors for wackiness.
Allegedly, Disney went with the lesser-explored Asiatic countries since they already had Japan and China at Epcot. Which certainly gives Animal Kingdom's Asia a unique feel.
"Please make sure you're not going to die before worrying about your crap getting wet. Thank you."
Unlike Universal, Disney has no issue with photos on their outdoor rides.
Kali is probably my second-favorite rapids ride, behind Popeye & Bluto's at IOA.
Though the scenery is nice, Kali's main weakness is its lack of rapids. (A fairly serious shortcoming for a rapids ride, in my view.)
There's also whole "clear-cutting" storyline during the first half of the ride, which is confusing and slightly depressing.
Oh no, the evil tree-cutter-downers are going to crash for some reason and maybe drown! Which is bad or possibly good!
But we have bigger things to worry about. Here's where Kali gets good, with a legitimate drop!
Tunnels are always cool.
Please do not pee on us, tiny Asian men!
Big water-spray elephant finale.
Next up is the Maharajah Jungle Trek.

(Yes, Misty, I'm coming.)
Ooh, this attraction gets its own map! (Map-holding Smisty not included. Get your own.)
Hey, it's a.... (Well, what does the map say? What, it's not on there? Well, poop.) Hey everybody, it's a goat!
"And this is what it would look like if we had a tapir."
"Screw this! On to the tigers!"
Oh wait, bats!
"Yes, I have a question: Why is Walt Disney World always so crowded?" - "Well, dear, we're very popular, and--" - "So it's not because you've been pumping the vast majority of the money you put back into the parks on marketing and stupid stunts instead of new attractions?" - "Well, I...." - "Also, why do you have a bat skeleton in that box?"
I'm just assuming that the phrase "hanging out" comes from bats.
I love this sign: "Although tigers are present in the forest, you will be very safe by walking on the well-traveled paths."
"Hey, bitches! Is this what you came for?!"
I must admit I really dig the ruins theming.
Pimpin' ain't easy.
A big open area with deer and such. WHICH IS NOT FUNNY!!!
"Hey, what kind of animal are you?" - "Huh? I dunno, man. Like, a cow or something?"
What's over here?
Hey, more tigers!
And now for an aviary.
A cool bath if you're bird. Or Brazilian.
"Wait, you can see me?? Crap, shouldn't have sang."
Birds hate plastic chains.
Back in Asia proper, we find this fountain. (I had a photo of, like, 10 kids sitting in it, but I'll spare you.)
In case you hadn't figured it out yet, the thematic name of this area is Anandapur. But Asia is easier to spell.
Monkey island. This can be viewed from at least four different areas of Asia, and acts as a sort of centerpiece.
One of the locals, attempting to pawn off his wares.
This really is a gorgeous area of the park. And, indeed, one of the best areas of any park.
Bad show, Disney! Wait, what? That's theming? Oh...carry on then. (Although, I still think the Palace Hotel is going to be a dump.*)

*Yeah, the building is actually a bathroom. I am so clever.
Ice cream from a broken bus.
And now begins our love letter to Animal Kingdom's biggest, most-important ride.

No, seriously, the next 30 pictures or so are of Expedition Everest. I hope you're okay with that.
I'm sure no one has ever thought to pose like this here, before me.
Disney and their wacky height requirements. Hey, who's that in the background...?
Why, it's TPR's own Natatomic! Hi, Natalie!
The queue for Everest is quite interesting.
See? Interesting.
It starts with hiking stuff, then transistions into more of a yeti museum sort of thing.
Crap theming.
Hey, Natalie made it up to the grouping area! Can we sit on the steam donkey? No? Well, how about the front then?
The station.
I wanna go left!
Lift 1 (of 2).
That's lift 2. It's bigger.
This is not the wildest ride ever. Fun, though.
There's a lot of cruising around. Still, it has its moments.
Cool theming on the second lift.
Looking back toward Kali and the backstage area. (Note: I just pointed my camera back that way. You can't actually see backstage while riding normally.)
The park's centerpiece and symbol, The Tree of Life.
Here's a shot you don't see too often: The big helix finale.
Coming off of lift 2. Are you bored with Everest photos yet? I hope not.
The dead end, about to enter the reverse section.
No, evil shadow yeti! Don't tear apart the track!
The big drop.
Helix of doom!

It's really hard to get a photo of the giant yeti figure inside the mountain. So I didn't. Sorry.
And the brake run. Where, on a windy day, Expedition Everest sometimes becomes a water ride.
On-ride photo sales.
And the gift shop.

I am a giant yeti thing! Give me some candy!
I like this shirt.
Exiting Everest's gift shop.
Prayer tablets or something. I don't know. Theming.
A view from the ride's main viewing area. (Or was that redundant?)
And that's it for Animal Kingdom's Asia. Sorry I wasn't funny today. Hopefully all the roller coaster photos will help make up for it. You don't normally get that many in this thread.
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Re: Erik & Smisty's Florida Oddventures

Postby SharkTums » Sat Mar 12, 2011 8:50 am

You covered Robb's favorite part of Animal Kingdom...


Frozen Vault.

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Re: Erik & Smisty's Florida Oddventures

Postby JimmyBo » Sat Mar 12, 2011 10:57 am

Great report from Animal Kingdom. I know I may be in the minority here but I really love this park a lot. The theming along with how they put the animals alongside attractions is amazing. Plus, their animals were very active when I went there.

Thanks for the pics!

Jimmy "Animal Kingdom lover" Bo
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Re: Erik & Smisty's Florida Oddventures

Postby traincrossin » Sat Mar 12, 2011 3:02 pm

Great pictures of Asia guys! Hard to believe that was all from only one area of Animal Kingdom, just reminds me of how huge that park is. The theming there looks really cool! The only thing I can remember from my last trip to Animal Kingdom was Kali River Rapids, mainly because I rode it 8 times in a row at the end of the day and got soaked.

PS: Happy birthday Erik!
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Re: Erik & Smisty's Florida Oddventures

Postby BarryH » Sat Mar 12, 2011 3:12 pm

Man, I haven't been to Animal Kingdom since Everest was in soft opening. How long ago was that? Many, many years ago.

Great photos!

Oh, happy 18th birthday, Erik!

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Re: Erik & Smisty's Florida Oddventures

Postby natatomic » Sat Mar 12, 2011 5:42 pm

Yay! I made it into the TR! Great report, Erik!


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