Photo TR: Western Playland

Rides, Ribs & Rock!!!
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Photo TR: Western Playland

Postby Desert_Oasis » Sun Feb 20, 2011 9:24 pm

Hey guys!! I used to be a member years back as "pgathriller", after not logging in for who knows how long I had to create a new account but I'm back and here to bring you a Photo TR of Rib Rock at Western Playland! Many people don't know of this park as it's nothing really special, it provides a few hours of enjoyment. This was opening weekend for them and today they held their first annual Rib Rock. Rib Rock was held by our rock station KLAQ 95.5 and the State Line restaurant. Basically it was a rock concert with some tribute bands, some amazing ribs from the State Line Restaurant and of course rides!!

I'll start off by saying that Western Playland doesn't really have anything noteworthy to show off. Ive been going to this park for about 12 years. It used to be located in El Paso and IMHO was a much better park then. This new location is nice, clean and has plenty of room for expansion, but lacks what I think makes an amusement park an amusement park which is the atmoshphere. You go into this park and its just too quiet. Theres no music, there's no real themeing, just rides games and food stands plopped down. I hope in the coming years they can build up some type of atmosphere for this park (and hopefully a signature ride like a new wooden coaster ;) ). I will go ahead and let the pictures explain the day...
Me and my girlfriends tickets, yes you read right, $10 for rides ribs and rock!
Walking up to the entrance to the park.
This is the line to get in 30 mins before the gates opened.
In line to get our bracelets...
As you walk in their "new" ride Tsunami is wetting riders... I say "new" because it technically isn't new, it's from the original park, it was just rebuilt later from the other rides.
KerSplash!!! We had 30mph wind gusts today so not too many people riding this bad boy.
This is the stage where tribute bands will be playing some ROCK =]
This is where you could get some amazing ribs from the State Line restaurant.
These were AMAZING!!!
Bands are starting to perform, they were ok but I was ready for some rides...
Most of the rides they have are rides you would find in a carnival such as this Yo-Yo.
And this paratrooper. I remember this thing would go insanely fast years ago. It seems as if they tamed the speeds of the rides as they've aged.
I'm seeing less and less of these even at traveling carnivals. This is one ride I just can't ride anymore.
The Flying Skooters were closed today because of the high wind gusts we were having. I know a lot of people love these rides but I still can't see it :/.
Our only "big" roller coaster El Bandido. It was closed most of the day because of the winds, luckily I rode it once before the winds picked up.
Western Playland has owned this coaster for a real long time... How long you ask? Well I may have found the original train cars to this coaster hiding behind the Himalaya...
Pharaoh's Fury had the longest line from all of the rides. I remember when WP bought this ride it was the talk of the city no lie lol
Our train station.
Sexy paint job.
The Himalaya. This ride used to be BAD A$$. Its sad to see it in this shape now =[
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Re: Photo TR: Western Playland

Postby Desert_Oasis » Sun Feb 20, 2011 9:54 pm

Set 2...
Western Playland 036.jpg
Tin Can Alley, I love this game
Western Playland 070.jpg
The Sky Gliders were closed because of the wind as well.
Western Playland 069.jpg
Another carnival favorite the Scrambler
Western Playland 081.jpg
Future attractions coming soon my a$$
Western Playland 068.jpg
Even though there were more ribs than can ever be eaten, everybody swarmed for $5 nachos. Go figure...
Western Playland 017.jpg
Our newest coaster... lol
Western Playland 059.jpg
Tilt A Whirl
Western Playland 018.jpg
Western Playland 046.jpg
Our awesome midway lol
Western Playland 060.jpg
Drop Zone, only 90ft :/
Western Playland 051.jpg
Bumper Cars
Western Playland 057.jpg
I will end with this awesome KLAQ Hummer. Thanks for reading =]
Even though several new woodies have been made, Thunderhead still owns all =]

Just my opinion...

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Re: Photo TR: Western Playland

Postby cal1br3tto » Mon Feb 21, 2011 8:55 pm

Nothing wrong with a permanent carnival, especially in such a beautiful location! Is that coaster pretty intense?

Also, I really want ribs now.
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