Ten Best Coasters You Rode in 2017

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Re: Ten Best Coasters You Rode in 2017

Postby SLCHeadache » Thu Dec 21, 2017 4:15 pm

boldikus wrote:(If you rank coasters, the easiest thing to do is pick the first ten you rode this year)

Also, I realize if people travel a lot its basically just going to be their top 10, give or take a few (like Bill lol)

I'm in that category. This year was my first time riding coasters outside of my home park, so just take my current sig and swap Renegade and Flying Turns with Afterburn and Apollo's Chariot.

Re: DoinItForTheFame, curious that Verbolten made your top list. It takes a close second to Green Lantern (SFMM) on my worst list. Cheesy and terrible show building, and made me vomit once. Not even the good kind of cheesy (Skull Mountain).
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Top steel: Millennium Force / Steel Vengeance / Intimidator 305 / Maverick / Fury 325
Top wood: El Toro / Phoenix / GhostRider / Renegade / Flying Turns

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Re: Ten Best Coasters You Rode in 2017

Postby Rollercoaster Rider » Thu Dec 21, 2017 4:30 pm

In No Order

1- Joker @ SF Mexico
2- Rage @ Adventure Island, UK
3- Accelerator @ Drayton Manor
4- Big Dipper @ Blackpool
5- Rita @ Alton Towers
6- Crazy Mouse @ Gulliver's Milton Keynes
7- Scorpion Express @ Chessington
8- Raptor Attack @ Lightwater Valley
9- Avalanche @ Blackpool
10- Joker @ Six Flags Great America

To steal from the dude below me, Here are 10 unique things I did
1- Derby Racer @ Playland Park, Rye
2- Adventureville @ Adventure Island UK
3- Gruffao River Ride @ Chessington
4- Derren Brown @ Thorpe
5- Rapids @ Six Flags Mexico (C'mon a Rapids ride with statues peeing on you)
6- Dora's World Voyage @ Blackpool
7- Silver Mine @ Gulliver's Milton Keynes
8- Cyclosaur @ Flamingoland
9- Impossible @ Blackpool
10- Valhalla @ Blackpool (Wish I had worn bags over my shoes)
HM- Joker's Queue Line @ SF Mexico
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Re: Ten Best Coasters You Rode in 2017

Postby ytterbiumanalyst » Thu Dec 21, 2017 4:31 pm

Another great offseason thread. There were a bunch of good ones this year.

1. The Outlaw Run
2. The Skyrush
3. The Phoenix
4. The El Toro
5. The Voyage
6. The Mystery Mine
7. The Nitro
8. The Thunderbird (HW)
9. The Wild Eagle
10. The Great White

Honourable mention to The Skull Mountain. It was terrible but so great at the same time.

And I know it wasn't asked for, but I'm a nerd and I like lists, so I'm going to make one of the best flats I rode this year too.

1. "IT" (Moreys)
2. Flyers (Knoebels)
3. Zumanjaro (SF Great Adventure)
4. AtmosFEAR (Moreys)
5. Grand Carousel (Knoebels)
6. Conestoga (Lake Winnie)
7. Bumper Cars (Knoebels)
8. Whipper (Knoebels)
9. 1001 Nachts (Knoebels)
10. Giant Barn Swing (Silver Dollar City)
Top Wood: 1. The Outlaw Run 2. The Phoenix 3. The El Toro 4. The Voyage 5. The Twister
Top Steel: 1. The Millennium Force 2. The Skyrush 3. The Magnum XL-200 4. The Diamondback 5. The Maverick
Top Parks: 1. The Disneyland 2. The Dollywood 3. The Silver Dollar City 4. The Knoebels 5. The Holiday World

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Re: Ten Best Coasters You Rode in 2017

Postby CaptainUnknown » Thu Dec 21, 2017 5:53 pm

In no order:

White Lightning: Fun Spot Orlando
Renegade: Valleyfair
Kumba: BGT
Montu: BGT
Mummy: USO
Cheetah Hunt: BGT
Wild Thing: Valleyfair
Sheikra: BGT
Freedom Fighter: Fun Spot Orlando
Spongebob Squarepants Rock Bottom Plunge: Nickelodeon Universe
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Top Steel: Millennium Force

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Re: Ten Best Coasters You Rode in 2017

Postby Jason Maier » Thu Dec 21, 2017 6:31 pm

In no particular order . . . .

Wild One, Roar, Superman: Ride of Steel, Batwing at Six Flags America

Kingda Ka, El Toro, Batman: The Ride, Nitro, Green Lantern and Bizarro at Six Flags Great Adventure.

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Re: Ten Best Coasters You Rode in 2017

Postby bill_s » Thu Dec 21, 2017 6:38 pm

Hey, it's not quite offseason yet!

Not in precise order:
Skyrush (new)
Storm Runner
El Toro
Superman the Ride (new)
Wicked Cyclone (new)
Dominator (still great after ~1200 rides)
Rebel Yell (racing more this year, a good race is still rare but so much fun)
Volcano (esp. solo rides)
Nitro (night and sunset rides)

Special mentions: BGW, good to go there again, although no specific ride quite makes this list many are just below it.
Roar at SFA, best I rode in January.

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Re: Ten Best Coasters You Rode in 2017

Postby larrygator » Thu Dec 21, 2017 6:46 pm

Lightning Rod
El Toro
Goliath (SFGAm)
Lightning Run
Storm Chaser
Fury 325
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Re: Ten Best Coasters You Rode in 2017

Postby cal1br3tto » Thu Dec 21, 2017 7:39 pm

01. Coaster (Playland)
02. Joker (SFDK)
03. Medusa (SFDK)
04. Superman Ultimate Flight (SFDK)
05. Vertical Velocity (SFDK)
06. Bug Whirled (Playland)
07. Boomerang Coast to Coaster (SFDK)
08. Arctic Blast (Rainier Amusements)
09. Kong (SFDK)
10. Scream Machine (Rainier Amusements)
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Re: Ten Best Coasters You Rode in 2017

Postby boldikus » Thu Dec 21, 2017 9:19 pm

coasterbill wrote:If I hear any bullsh*t about a rattle you owe me a beer. lol

Not a single coaster we rode in Florida rattled.

chickenbowl wrote:It's been a relatively quiet year for me, so this might look strange.

viking86 wrote:I only visited four parks this year, two of them being the Paris Disney parks, so my selection of rides to choose from is rather limited.

This is why I thought it would be an interesting thread, I knew some of the responses would be random. Also with people that traveled extensively (like Canobie) narrowing it down to the stand-out 10.

ytterbiumanalyst wrote: I'm going to make one of the best flats I rode this year too.

F**k it I'll do it too. No order tho...

Falcons Fury
Justice League (I don't know if this counts as a flat but whatevs)
New England Sky Screamer
Down Time
Zoom Phloom
Moreys/Fun Spots/Compounce Screaming Swing
Compounce Sky Ride RIP

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Re: Ten Best Coasters You Rode in 2017

Postby Jelenp » Thu Dec 21, 2017 9:31 pm

Sorry I already had them ordered ;)

01. Storm Chaser (NEW)
02. Lightning Rod (NEW)
03. The Voyage (NEW)
04. Lightning Run (NEW)
05. Thunderhead (NEW)
06. DiamondBack (NEW)
07. Raging Bull
08. Mystic Timbers (NEW)
09. Banshee (NEW)
10. Goliath (Great America)

Storm Chaser hauls with the new wheels but Lightning Rod almost took its number one spot with a winter night ride. Overall great year!
Top 5: 1. Storm Chaser 2. Steel Vengeance 3. Lightning Rod 4. Maverick 5. Lightning Run
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