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Re: Coastin through the Ohio Region 2017

PostPosted: Fri Jun 30, 2017 6:42 pm
by drummermattk
I'm back! Recently I went on a 'Great Eastern Road trip" visiting Carowinds, Kings Dominion, Kennywood and Cedar Point. 3 of these park's where my first time visiting and Kennywood/Cedar Point was actually last minute plans!

So to start off the first park of the trip was Carowinds. we where there Saturday evening and 3/4 of the day on Sunday. Here's the ride card for those two days:
-Fury (x6)
-Afterburn (x2)
-every other coaster (x1)
- Woodstock Gliders(x2)
Overall I thought the park was nice but honestly, as a ride op from KI, watching operations down here, I now know why Kings Island is voted the best throughout the chain for safety & efficiency. Yes Fury dispatches are amazing, but when they send a train when an operator yell's to hold o fix a situation and the train starts moving and THAT ASSOCIATE IS ALMOST ONTO THE Meanwhile I would like to say that the Smoked Chicken Wing's from Harmony Hall are AMAZING!!!!! My thoughts on the coasters:

-Fury 325: What is there to say! This ride was my first B&M Giga, and I love it! Almost felt like a B&M and an Intamin combined for some of it.
-Intimidator: Surprisngly I got some airtime and It's not as good as Diamondback but it's up there with it (keep in mind I've only rode 2 B&M Hyper's now)
-Afterburn: Well here's my favorite Invert now! really smooth and intense! That last corkscrew really catches you by surrprise!
-Ricochet: Wild Mouse's are fun! Sadly KD's s better but it was fun!!!!
-Hurler:.......................Why are there trim brakes on the bottom of the drop................i could've took a NAP on this ride.
-Carolina Goldrusher: interesting
-Carolina Cyclone: not the worst Arrow looper i've rode but it's better than Corckscrew and Anaconda!
-Nighthawk: I'm used to the vekoma dutchman's and I aactualy liked this and thouught it was fun but those Corckscrew's really out some good forces on ya
-Flying Ace and Woodstock Express: Meh, rode for the credit
-Vortex:...................... #bringinthefloorlesstrains
-Flying Cobra's: my first standard boomerang and it was fun but a little rough here and there.

Finally I would like to say it was bittersweet to ride the Gliders again as I have not rode them since they left KI. This set was my first time snapping on a set of gliders and I loved it!!!!!

Anyway's check out the video and pictures!

Re: Coastin through the Ohio Region 2017

PostPosted: Mon Jul 03, 2017 6:41 pm
by drummermattk
Our next stop on "The Great Eastern Roadtrip" was to Kings Dominion. I knew that it was a little similar to Kings Island. Overall I was impressed at how well the park was put together. One question though is how do you have a Nascar driver and a stunt coaster in a jungle................... My thought's on the coasters (in order thatwe rode them):

-Dominator: Easily my favorite floorless coaster now and about my 5th favorite B&M! The pacing was great and it felt pretty smooth
-I305: Oh buddy. My first grey out and such a FUN ride! not the best giga I've rode but better than Millie! Deeply impressed!
-FOF: I'll just say that KI's is better IMO
-Anaconda: Not a bad coaster! It wasnt as good as Tennessee Tornado or Vortex but I thought it was a lot better than Corckscrew.
-Backlot: Same thing can be said about Backlot as I said for FOF, KI's is better. Not only did the show not have fire but the helicopter didnt have blades and It didnt feel like it should.
-Rebel Yell: Red side killed us but Blue side felt a little better! retracked section felt nice but after that It surely felt like an aged wooden roller coaster lol.
-Ricochet: What a fun wild mouse! I've only rode the models at Carowinds, Dominion and some spinning ones at MOA and AK and by far, this one is by far my favorite!
-Grizzly: Reminded me of a smaller version of Beast and it was fun but there was one airtime hill that caught us off guard!
-Woodstock Express: typical kiddie coaster and it was fun!

Non coaster thoughts:
-Delirium was fun but not as fun as KI's or Kennywood's Black Widow.
-Flying Eagles: Why oh why can we not snap on any set of gliders outside of Carowinds.............

All in all it was a great and fun day at the park! As always I'll shut up now and enjoy the video's and pictures!

Re: Coastin through the Ohio Region 2017

PostPosted: Wed Jul 05, 2017 5:50 pm
by bill_s
drummermattk wrote:Hurler:.......................Why are there trim brakes on the bottom of the drop................i could've took a NAP on this ride.

Thank you for this information. I was about to make another effort to find this out, when I've asked before it was ignored. Plus, I don't really trust anyone who doesn't mention it or claims it's not braked, I even saw a claim they took the brake off the KD one as well as lots of reviews/complaints with no mention of the brake.... although to answer your question, maybe the brake is working to the extent you didn't say it was rough as well as boring (by the end though, the KD one was rougher with the brake than it ever was without it).

I thought it would have been kind of neat to go ride an original Hurler in good shape and Lightning Rod in one trip this year, before RMC Hurler comes next year, but now that one tiny thing drops off my motivations.

Re: Coastin through the Ohio Region 2017

PostPosted: Wed Jul 05, 2017 6:12 pm
by thrillseeker4552
Nice report(s). I'll be visiting both Carowinds and Kings Dominion for the first time in about three weeks, so it's nice reading your report and your thoughts on the rides. I'm beyond excited for Fury 325 and Intimidator 305.

Re: Coastin through the Ohio Region 2017

PostPosted: Sat Jul 08, 2017 5:26 pm
by drummermattk
Onto Kennywood! First off I just wann say that this a really fun park and a historic park. You have three of the oldest wooden roller coasters in the world (and some of the smoothest in all honesty) and some of the modern steel coasters that give good/great rides! All in all it was a great fun filled day with minimum waits on most of the coasters and flat rides! Here's my thoughts on the coasters:
-Sky Rocket: my first non Premier Backlot clone/ FOF clone and what a fun ride! The back row really gives a better ride than the front seat and the hangtime on the first drop really is a doozy.
-Exterminator: Most likely my favorite spinning wild mouse! Loved the theming and the whole ride!
-Phantom's Revenge: This was amazing. nice and smooth, lots of airtime and all out fun! Didn't feel like this has aged badly, it was as smooth as butter!
-Thunderbolt: Loved that there was no seat divider and you moved freely with the turns! Fun Fun Fun!
-Racer: Loved the classic feel and that you have to ride 2 times in order to get the full experience!
-Jackrabbit: HOLY MOTHER OF AIRTIME! (that's all i have to say as i loved it)

Other rides:
-Log Jammer: loved the little airtime hill before the big drop and FINALLY GOT TO RIDE A LOG FLUME THAT FLOATS! (we're on a log flume, we're on a log flume)
-Black Widow:; Sucha fun ride that IMO is better than Delirium at KI and KD.

Here's some video and pictures, Enjoy!:

Re: Coastin through the Ohio Region 2017

PostPosted: Sat Jul 08, 2017 5:36 pm
by cparkes92
I noticed that Lightning Run is your #1 woodie even though it's a steelie. Should that be Lightning Rod instead?

Re: Coastin through the Ohio Region 2017

PostPosted: Sun Jul 09, 2017 12:24 am
by pproteinc
Speaking on my home park Carowinds, after the GCI reprofiling of Hurler, yes, the reins were removed providing the out of control ride it was to be when it first open but the heavy PTC trains still showed triumphant over the track in causing much stress to the wood so they added them back. I personally think with the reprofikr they should've swapped for the millinium flyers. As for the gliders as you know they were originally at KI and are the old version compared to the new manufacturer who makes them now to not be able to snap.

Re: Coastin through the Ohio Region 2017

PostPosted: Tue Jul 18, 2017 10:37 pm
by drummermattk
The last stop on the Great Eastern Road trip................Cedar Point. A Park that originally like Kennywood was not planned and was a last minute decision! Overall the park did not seem busy for a late June Tuesday and mostly everything (minus Dragster for wind) was open!

My thoughts (small because I've been to CP before lol):
-Mean Streak was looking amazing! It was nice to be able to get back to the train crossing and get some good shots of the ride.
-Maverick was insane in the back (first time in the back)
-Gatekeeper was a little painful early in the morning, like it just jerked around A LOT
-Iron Dragon VR............I take back everything I said bout VR on a coaster. Now im one for liking to see where im going, but this was really cool. Now if you put this on power tower I will not do it. I still have yet to do power tour to begin with.

As always enjoy the video's and the pictures!:

Re: Coastin through the Ohio Region 2017

PostPosted: Sat Aug 12, 2017 7:48 pm
by drummermattk
Guess who's back, back again! July 4th was a special day for myself! With reaching my 100th coaster and visiting two parks in one day (easy but surprising that I have never been to any of these parks) it was an enjoyable (and safe) July 4th!

Onto the first of the two parks visited: Coney Island!

Honestly, I never had my hopes up with this park as a real thrilling park but i respect the park because of its history. The Python (a pinfari model) was rough. Honeslty, the flats where better than the coaster................

Here's some pictures and videos:

My 100th coaster!
Yes I shot a POV, No i will not release it as the bottom of the hills destroyed my tripod and shook the phone everywhere. :(
What a fun "ferris wheel".
Onto Strickers Grove!

STRICKERS GROVE! Ah what a wonderful small amusement park out in the middle of corn field Ohio.

-Tornado: What a fun ride! The airtime on the double down was AMAZING! Loved that the ride had a buzz bar and not regular PTC individual lap bars.
-Teddy Bear: A fun little Kiddie coaster that reminded me of Woodstock express but just a little smaller.
-Flats: Loved them!

Re: Coastin through the Ohio Region 2017

PostPosted: Mon Sep 18, 2017 6:47 am
by drummermattk
Michigan's Adventure, what a fun park, but i can easily say I now know what Cedar Fair could do to bring a small park up to a major attraction. First off to start I liked the park, but there where some things that showed me that I don't think they did right, For example, the rides, operations, food service was great! Landscaping in some areas was really surprising as bushes where growing over ride queue walls, some spots of the lake near the shore was quite interesting. Anyways, my reviews on the coasters:
-Thunderhawk: IF THERE IS EVER A GOOD SLC (Yes you heard that right), I have found it. I don't know if this is a newer SLC or what, but I loved Thunderhawk. I kept my head forward out of the restraint and it was an awesome ride! 8/10
-Shivering Timbers: What an awesome woodie! Not #1 but the airtime is phenomenal! Although I will say I was kind of dissapointed when the only smooth ride you can get is in the front seat........Also, I have never heard upstop's rolling as fast as they can when you hit the brake run as I did on this coaster. Truely the airtime is great! 10/10
-Wolverine Wildcat: A good woodie, not to shabby. The double up and double down where the best part's though! 7/10
-Mad Mouse: My first Arrow wild mouse, found it about as good as the ricochet clones, but not as good as Primervial Whirl but still a fun ride! 7/10
-Zachs Zoomer: meh, felt like Woodstock express with an extra bunny hill. 4/10
-Big Dipper: It was ok. 4/10
-Corckscrew: Typical Arrow corckscrew although it was interesting as this was my first ride on a model with no vertical loops. 6/10

Enjoy the pics and videos!