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Day 3 - Six Flags Mexico

Postby The Great Zo » Wed Jan 17, 2018 10:53 pm

Day 3 -- Six Flags Mexico
Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Batman: The Ride (x2)
Medusa Steel Coaster (x5)
Superman el Último Escape (x3)
Sky Screamer
Medusa Steel Coaster
-- Lunch --
The Dark Knight
Freaky Dolls
Medusa Steel Coaster (x3)

The Report:

It was an early morning out of the hotel, but we had early morning plans for our biggest park day of the trip. We reached our destination at Six Flags Mexico -- the largest amusement park, by both coaster count and visitor count, in all of Latin America. Originally opened in the early 80s as Reino Aventura, the park was sold into the Six Flags umbrella at around the turn of the millennium. The park is located in the southwestern section of Mexico City, about ten miles from downtown to the north, and just a few miles from the tallest mountain in the entire Federal District to the south.

We met our contact with the park's staff and probably confused a few of the rank-and-file employees as we shuffled in beside them through the back entrance. Nonetheless, we had some filming to do, and it was time to get started! Our first session was on Batman, though, uh, this probably isn't the Batman you're looking for. Once that was done, it was off to the highlight of the day, and one of the biggest highlights of the entire trip -- Medusa. We did five rides during our morning session on this outstanding RMC coaster. We then headed off to Superman for a few rides as the park was opening. Our final ride during filming was Sky Screamer, which had just opened in the weeks prior to our visit.

When that was all done, my small group split off to pick off the rest of the coaster credits. The pace was generally leisurely, thanks to the excellent VIP fast pass system -- an extremely inexpensive purchase for what's basically just a receipt that you show at the queue entrance. None of us needed to use up all of the VIP pass credits we'd been given, especially with crowds not being especially heavy on the day we visited, outside of a few major attractions when the passes did come in handy. Sure, there were numerous school groups at the park -- you couldn't walk 10 feet without running into one of them -- but it wasn't a huge issue in terms of lines. Sure, the kids were loud and having fun, but honestly I didn't see much of the debauchery I'd expect from an amusement park absolutely run over by the 10-14 year old age group like this one was! So, hey, good for them!

I ended the day with nine rides on Medusa, but I think most of others got ten. I actually had to skip one cycle just before lunch as I was fighting off a headache, but I was feeling good enough for three more rides near the end of the day. I did split off for some photography near the end, as I definitely wanted to try to capture some of the unique rides and interesting landscape at a park that not many enthusiasts get to visit. I probably would have tried a few of the park's flat rides if I'd been feeling a little better, but we had no shortage of things to do. Oh, and I had to get some churros on the way out, and I recall them being above-average for a corporate park! I mean, you'd hope so in Mexico, right?

I think we were at the park until 6PM or 7PM, but I didn't have my time zone settings right on my camera, so I'm just gonna guess and say it was 7PM. Close enough. Suffice to say, we had a great day and I didn't even run and hide from the group picture at the end!

Overall Impressions:

I think we all came away pretty happy with our day at Six Flags Mexico. People on the 2013 TPR trip were pretty happy with the park too, and that was before Medusa got the RMC treatment. In several ways, it stacks up very well against the rest of the Six Flags chain. Here are three:

1) The landscaping and design are way above average for Six Flags. In terms of feel and appearance, it's probably the second nicest Six Flags park I've been to, trailing only Great Adventure. That's not to say it doesn't have a couple rough spots, but there's a variety in architecture and scenery you don't get from the average corporate park in the US. And am I crazy for thinking that there's maybe not quite as much advertising as in the US parks?

2) If you like flat rides, this park's got a great collection of them, including several that are pretty rare. I'm not big on flats or spinny things, but with a little more time, there are a few I would have tried! Oh, and add in some of the other experiences too -- the laser tag, the haunt, the dolphin show, the reptile house, and other things. This is a well-rounded park.

3) Medusa. My coaster count has grown significantly since going to Mexico in 2015, and it's still easily in my top 10. It's huge to have a destination coaster like this, and I hope it continues to draw enthusiasts from around the world to check the place out -- not just the park, but Mexico City.

That sort of leads to what I think is the park's biggest weakness -- a lack of other top-tier thrill attractions. The rest of the coaster collection isn't terribly strong -- not a single B&M or Intamin, showing a desperate need for some modern steel. The park's made two big additions since our visit -- a Justice League dark ride in 2016, and one of the S&S Free Spin coasters for 2018. That's a good start. I hope they keep it going, because while I'd already like to return at some point, another good excuse wouldn't hurt.

The Attractions:

Medusa Steel Coaster: Wow. What a ride. Among RMC credits, Medusa's location in Mexico makes it among the most rare. That might have contributed unfairly to some lofty expectations, but it met them and then some. Everyone in the group was ready to put it in their top 10 (if not top 5) after just a couple rides. This was my first of the "small" RMC coasters, and I've since been on Storm Chaser, which even without the barrel roll would be the closest comparison. But while Storm Chaser is an outstanding ride, Medusa's got better pacing and a relentless sense of speed to go along with all the crazy elements. Videos don't do justice to how much intense airtime there is on the entrances and exits from all those raised turns. I have to say, I was skeptical about the barrel roll, but it's way more awesome than you'd expect. Add in one last detail -- the brief right-side-up moment at the top of the lift offers some great views into the heart of Mexico City. Be sure to watch the POV video that Robb filmed on our visit, which includes a guest appearance by the author of this post!

Superman el Último Escape: Just being honest, but I was slightly disappointed by this one, and had a lesser opinion of it than the rest of the group. It's said to be one of the best Morgan hypercoasters, but honestly I'll take its little brother Steel Eel any day. Part of the problem is that all the turns on the first half of the layout -- including one that breaks up the first hill after the lift -- really kill any chance at airtime. At least the pre-lift section is kind of odd and fun! I'll also say that while it was far from the roughest coaster I've ever been on, something about it gave me some issues, and I spent most of the morning with a headache. That's just me -- I don't think anyone else had the same problem.

Batman: The Ride: Umm... if you're looking for a B&M clone, you're at the wrong Six Flags park. Yep, it's a fully themed inverted Batman coaster, but it's a Vekoma SLC. So, yeah, you know what you're getting out of these. The less said, the better. Fine, want one good thing? Batman and Superman both provide some great views to the higher terrain to the south and east, including -- way off in the distance -- two gigantic volcanoes, Popocatépetl and Iztaccihuatl. And I thought that was pretty awesome.

Joker: The rest of Gerstlauer's Tony Hawk clones are carrying out their lives in relative anonymity under the Pandemonium name, but Discovery Kingdom's moved to Mexico City and picked up some of the best theming I've seen on a Six Flags coaster! These are fun rides, but the props and tunnel on the coaster's circuit bring the experience to another level. I've got some pictures of the awesome funhouse queue in the report below as well!

The Dark Knight: The same mouse-in-a-box as all the others, but this one's dubbed in Spanish!

Boomerang: This isn't just any Vekoma boomerang. It's the first ever created Vekoma boomerang. It originally opened in 1984 at a small park in Puebla, Mexico. It moved to Mexico City later in the same decade. Guess what? It rides like it's the first ever Vekoma boomerang. One and done.

Tsunami: One of those gigantic-trained Tivoli family coasters, identical as best I can tell to Blackbeard's Harley Quinn Crazy Treasure Train at SFGAdv. Decent ride.

Roller: The final coaster of the park's eight -- at least as of our visit in 2015 -- is a Vekoma junior coaster. I like these, especially compared to kiddie/junior coasters by other manufacturers.

SkyScreamer: Medusa Steel Coaster opened in 2014, so the new hotness for our 2015 visit was SkyScreamer. Loved the views from this one, high above Mexico City! Probably my favorite views from any of the SkyScreamer or WindSeeker rides I've been on, just thanks to the interesting landscape, though Cedar Point's up there too.

Freaky Dolls: I normally skip haunts -- just not my thing -- but decided to go for this one. I don't remember being overly frightened, but it's tougher to be scared when the actors are yelling at you in a language you're only marginally familiar with!
-- Andy

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Day 3 - Six Flags Mexico / Pictures (Part 1)

Postby The Great Zo » Wed Jan 17, 2018 10:54 pm

Pictures from Six Flags Mexico -- Part 1
Arrival at the front gate of Six Flags Mexico! Though, I think this was just before we realized we were in the wrong place for our pre-park-opening meet-up! :-P
Six Flags Mexico prices -- in pesos, of course.
Starting the day off right with a coaster themed to a big-time DC superhero...
...that's right, it's Batman, so it's time for some B&...
Well, we got some filming done and were on our way. At least it looked nice! I think the track had just been painted!
Yeah, this is what we came for. Medusa! Steel Coaster! Completely with creepy ride-sign!
And the sign over the gift shop has glowing red eyes. Awesome.
Here's a behind-the-scenes angle of Medusa from our walk through the employee entrance! Super secret.
Some shots of Medusa from the queue. Sorry for the lack of a train in any of these pictures, but I was using a not-great phone camera and those just ended up blurred.
More Medusa from the queue. To note -- Medusa does have a lock-your-stuff-up policy, which is why I didn't have my good camera with me at that moment.
Medusa has lots of high corners like these, and every single one is packed with forces.
The front of the Medusa station.
Here's the climb up the lift, where you go to prepare to be flipped and dropped and so on.
The brake run and shed for the other train.
An empty station as we get ready for filming.
The importance of securing that lap bar.
Ah, the now-familiar RMC chariot, which I find to be quite comfortable.
Our final coaster for filming was Superman el Último Escape (the last escape). The queue entrance is through a building that looks far more traditional in architectural design than you'd expect...
...but the outdoor queue and station are a little more typical! Telefono, anyone?
Superman's brake run! It kind of looks like the coaster just drops off a cliff to nowhere back there.
We got our last rides in just as the regular guests were starting to arrive.
Like I mentioned earlier, I was a little disappointed by Superman, mainly due to the first half having very little airtime.
Queue theming: colorful lights!
Queue theming: the difference between "dated" and "vintage" is in the eye of the beholder.
Oh, and I had to get a shot of this. Superman's on-ride photo location is ... next to a barbed-wire chain link fence at the edge of a parking lot. Nice.
Here's the Six Flags Mexico park map, and as you can see, Superman is about 900 feet tall and travels halfway to Oaxaca.
Not sure what the Hollywood theming is for, but here's Sky Screamer!
Two excited TPR people!
One excited TPR person -- and one very confused local.
TPR takes flight.
JJ Abrams tribute shot.
Caesar liked it. As did I.
Oh, what's that through the trees?
It's ... the world's first-ever Vekoma boomerang!
It rides ... like the world's first ever Vekoma boomerang!
It loops! It twists!
It cobra rolls! It kerchunks! It gives you a headache!
Cloud porn.
This ... is the face of terror.
Oh, and one fun part about this particular boomerang? The world's slowest lift hill. It seriously takes 3-4 minutes to get the train up the initial lift.
Moving on to The Joker!
The Joker is themed to Batman villains, though none of these three in particular.
First, we must navigate the elaborate funhouse queue.
Should we enter the giant clown mouth? This seems like a bad idea.
It's too late to turn back now!
They went all out on this queue. You've got paint and signs on the walls, spinny things on the ground...
...rollers, which are certainly not ADA compliant...
...bubbly things you have to step over, and spinning poles...
...and shifting floorboards, all capped off with a creepy clown mirror!
Escape the fun house, and you'll finally make it to the station.
Even the ride vehicles have been custom-painted.
Would you like a Harley Quinn themed car...
...or one themed to The Joker himself?
Joker's lift hill and twisted track.
Don't get caught in the tunnel of terror!
I seriously don't understand why all the US-based Tony Hawk clones didn't get this treatment. It really makes the whole experience a lot of fun.
Anyone missing some teeth?
While we're on the Batman theme, how about a mouse-in-a-box? This one was supposed to go to Six Flags New England, but here it is in Mexico instead.
One neat thing about this version of The Dark Knight is the extra railway theming outside the station.
And the Gotham City Rail map is located outdoors! That meant the lighting was good enough for me to finally get a decent picture of one of these!
Caesar, that shirt's a little too on-the-nose.
On the inside? The pre-show is dubbed in Spanish! I believe the ride experience is basically the same as any of the others.
On to the next coaster. This giant structure, which is basically just for show, houses Tsunami.
Tsunami is one of those giant-long-train Tivoli coasters.
Here's a picture with the train going by. Oh, and yeah, the weather was pretty fickle. Sunny in the morning, cloudy as heck by afternoon. I know, it's my fault.
Tsunami track close-up! Tivoli was doing steel beam track before RMC made it all trendy!
Roller is the park's final coaster -- a Vekoma junior coaster.
It's basically a clone of many others, such as Spacely's Sprocket Rockets (SFGAm) or Roller Skater (Kentucky Kingdom). I think these are really good coasters for their intended age group.
Well, what do we have here? This is Huracán, and Caesar and Nozzy are going to take their chances.
What's Huracán? It's a Vekoma Waikiki Wave Super Flip. So it looks like a Huss Top Spin, but it's worse.
I think this is where reality sets in that you're on an evil Vekoma terror machine and it's just getting started.
So the thing with these Vekoma devices is that they don't just flip end-over-end like a Top Spin. The two arms move independently, so the gondola also tilts sideways.
Personally, I think Top Spins are painful enough, and I have no doubt I'd be in trouble on one of these!
This just looks like so much fun!

To watch.

From the sidelines.
Are those smiles?
Yep, they made it through. In one form or another.
Let's head around the park and check out some of the other attractions. Here's Freaky Dolls, a year-round haunt that has gone through some different iterations.
I think this took some sort of inspiration from Xochimico and its Island of the Dolls (Isla de las Muñecas).
Terminator X is a laser tag game I didn't get to try out.
Every park in Mexico is required by law* to have a dolphin show!

Every park needs a carousel. Le Grande Carrousell is of the double-decker variety.
Fiesta de las Tazas! Party of the cups!
Piña Loca! Crazy pineapple!
Another spinny flat ride, but this one's themed to giant smiling pineapples. It moves pretty quick, and the cars are somewhat tilted. I like pineapple. I would have probably liked to try this one just because it's so different.
Rock n Roll is a Schwarzkopf Polyp with a 50s/60s theme -- classic car ride vehicles and the Grease soundtrack playing in the background.
It's sort of like a scrambler, but with some vertical motion added in.
Vuelo Alpino (alpine flight) is a standard wave swinger, and it's since been dwarfed by Sky Screamer.
But, regardless, I think these guests are enjoying their ride.
Rueda India (Indian wheel) is a Ferris wheel themed to ... Indians.
The bonus for this Ferris wheel: the gondolas can be rotated. For photography's sake, this was probably the #1 thing I wanted to do but didn't get a chance to, as I was running short of time and didn't know how long the ride cycle would be.
Around the, uh, well-themed wheel, you can find cows...
...and giant Indian heads. Alright, sure, why not.
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-- Andy

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Day 3 - Six Flags Mexico / Pictures (Part 2)

Postby The Great Zo » Wed Jan 17, 2018 10:54 pm

Pictures from Six Flags Mexico -- Part 2

Kilahuea is an S&S triple combo tower.

This and the one at Fiesta Texas are the only S&S towers I know of that aren't painted primarily white.

Ruleta (roulette) is a trabant / wipeout type of ride.

Bumper cars called Le Mans, which look like pretty typical bumper cars to me. Not every park can be Knoebels.

Ah, the great and elusive Batalla Pirata. An attraction I literally could find /no/ information about before the trip, so I had no idea what it was -- other than the obvious "pirate battle" theme. And I tried, I really did!

Well, disappointingly, Batalla Pirata is just a kids play area and foam-ball-shooting thing.

But it's got a wicked skeleton pirate, who I think has survived plenty of battles himself...

The kids area is, of course, themed mostly to Looney Tunes characters. This is one entrance...

...and this is the other. This is honestly scary. I don't know why this needs to exist.

Among other rides in the kids area, you've got your standard balloons...

...and apparently we're at SeaWorld now.

How about some of the other theming around the park? Well, here's an ode to a popular sport.

Here's "photo shark" which I swear isn't related to Jaws at all please don't sue us Universal please.

Some Looney Tunes characters on a cart.

Local theming! El Ángel -- the Angel of Independence! One of Mexico City's most important landmarks makes a sized-down appearance at Six Flags. And no, this probably wouldn't fly at a park in the US!

El Ángel, fountains, and a couple dozen of the several thousands of schoolkids in track suits.

Buildings and landscaping at this really attractive park. This area of the park (the west end) is a little more traditional.

The east end of the park is a little more eclectic in its theming, and it's not quite as cohesive, but it still has some nice spots.

What does the park have to eat? Let's start with Fanta and popcorn!

How about some crepes from France?

Or maybe some Chinese cuisine from ... Germany? Hm.

Of course, the anthropomorphic churro sheriff!

And his partner, the churro ... regular guy?

The churros are good. Get them.

Oh, and I had a burger for lunch, which wasn't all that great. Skip that.

Here's one thing I was sorely disappointed about. I love the "Golfito" (little golf) name for their mini golf course, but...

20150324_0418.jpg looks like it's been run over by a pack of wild burros.

If they ever get the golf course back up and operational, you'll have some great views of the world's first boomerang to distract you from that hole-in-one.

We're a long, long way from Interstate 95. But hey, credit to Six Flags for putting the park name where the state name is usually supposed to go!

This big stadium didn't see any action on the day we visited, but the clearing offers some views of the park's biggest coasters.

Here's Superman. I had noted on Twitter after riding that it was a "floater air machine" but I think that's more in reference to the second half of the ride.

Superman at the top of the lift.

Superman makes the first drop!

The first hill after the drop is only a half-airtime hill, before abruptly turning left and killing any airtime you might be getting.

The first half of the ride is more turns than hills, and to me, it just doesn't stack up to the more straight-ahead approach of something like Steel Eel. The second half of Superman is more typical -- bunny hills on the return run, like Mamba or Steel Force.

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Coaster Justice.

Well, as long as someone's enjoying it!

Looking to the right, I see Batman and SkyScreamer in operation.

Batman was only my second SLC, after Gauntlet at Magic Springs in Arkansas. Gauntlet wasn't awful. Batman was pretty bad.

This would only be a warm-up for the three SLCs I rode (spoiler alert for a future trip report) in Europe in 2016. Two of the three were even worse than this one!

Sky Screamer was still under construction during the lead-up to our trip in 2015, but they got it done in time!

Cloud porn, part two.

This is a mid-size Star Flyer, just over 240 feet in height -- identical to the models at SFOG and SFGAdv.

Oh, and there's a splash boat. Because of course there's a splash boat.

I don't ride splash boats. I take pictures of splash boats, because they're awesome to take pictures of!

By the way, this splash boat is called "Splash" because of course it is.

If you aren't wet enough getting off the ride, hop up on the bridge and take another wave to the face.

OK, before I get back to the park talk, a little bit of geography! Six Flags Mexico sits at an elevation of about 8,000 feet above sea level -- that's pretty high! The mountain you see behind the boat is called Ajusco. It's a lava dome volcano at the southwestern edge of the Federal District and with an elevation of 12,894 feet, it's the highest point in all of Mexico City. Some day, on another visit, I hope to climb it.

Now back to your regularly-scheduled splash boating!

Terror and excitement!

The before...

...and the after.

That wall of water comes up...

...and comes back down on top of you...

...and leaves not a person dry.

The mist clears...

...and everyone's laughing.

Up the lift.

Down the drop.

The moment of impact!

The splash kicks up.

A wider view of the start of the splash.

And yes, it's a large splash.

Quite the wave, isn't it?


* with apologies to Knoebels

The splash boat at the end of the rainbow.

The rainbow, again.

Now you see them...

20150324_0532.jpg you don't.

Really liked the misty/rainbow effects I was getting from this angle!

Yep, that's all for the splash boat! But we've got one last order of business.

How about a few more rides on Medusa? With a station as empty as this, why not?

This ride is awesome! Unanimously glowing reviews from our group.

Here's some off-ride photographs of Medusa, starting with this one of the top of the lift.

Medusa was originally built as a CCI wooden coaster, opened in 2000. RMC converted it for a 2014 opening. It was their third I-Box conversion, after New Texas Giant and Iron Rattler.

Medusa has airtime all over the place, even where you wouldn't expect it.

Medusa was the first RMC with a barrel roll drop. Storm Chaser was the second, and Twisted Timbers will be the third.

My one and only complaint about Medusa isn't with the ride -- it's the queue. Six Flags took the park's wacky shack and turned it into the queue for Medusa, which is honestly a really creative idea. The problem is that if you're trying to ride multiple times, walking through a twisted-up dizzying off-kilter wacky shack queue every time gets really tedious!

I found a pretty good photo angle to get the top of the lift. Oh, and there's some coaster design skill on that train, but I'm not gonna say any more than that!

Waiting for some wind...

...there we go. Probably my favorite picture /from the entire Mexico trip/ right here.

Medusa and the flagpole again.

And on to the barrel roll drop for a killer ride!

Yay for Six Flags Mexico! We had a really great day. And I hope I remembered enough about it to write a coherent review three years later!



Seen on the way back to our hotel. Would you trust Dico the clown with your children?

Here's our dinner spot -- Agua y Sal (water and salt). I don't eat fish, but they had exactly one non-fish entree on their menu, and it was good!

Speaking of our hotel -- the Hyatt Regency in Polanco -- here are a few pictures of the main lobby.

It's, well, kind of swanky. Real swanky, not "Owensboro, Kentucky" swanky. ;)

Honestly, probably too swanky for a scrub like me! But oh what a breakfast buffet!

Pay no attention to the guy with the camera!

Coming up next, a flight west and a new day in a new city!
-- Andy

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Re: Photo TR: Andy's 2015 Trip -- Un Viaje a México con TPR

Postby cfc » Mon Jan 22, 2018 5:50 am

I've heard nothing but good things about Six Flags Mexico, with the exception of the Batman SLC.

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Re: Photo TR: Andy's 2015 Trip -- Un Viaje a México con TPR

Postby coasterbill » Mon Jan 22, 2018 7:23 am

Great report. Occasionally we see stupid cheap flights pop up to Mexico City, so I'm sure I'll hit this place one day.

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Re: Photo TR: Andy's 2015 Trip -- Un Viaje a México con TPR

Postby Condor » Mon Jan 22, 2018 9:53 am

Another great report! Six Flags Mexico is one of my favorites in the chain and Medusa is my favorite RMC. You captured the ambiance of the park really well. Sorry you didn't appreciate Superman as much. The ride is just as much about the positive forces in the swooping turnarounds as it is about airtime and that's not everyone's cup of hyper coaster tea I suppose.

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Re: Photo TR: Andy's 2015 Trip -- Un Viaje a México con TPR

Postby The Great Zo » Mon Jan 22, 2018 4:17 pm

cfc wrote:I've heard nothing but good things about Six Flags Mexico, with the exception of the Batman SLC.

LOL. I can think of a few other parks that would fit that description too. "Really great, just ignore that terrible Vekoma."

coasterbill wrote:Great report. Occasionally we see stupid cheap flights pop up to Mexico City, so I'm sure I'll hit this place one day.

Do it! And early/mid spring is a really good time to go.

Condor wrote:Another great report! Six Flags Mexico is one of my favorites in the chain and Medusa is my favorite RMC. You captured the ambiance of the park really well. Sorry you didn't appreciate Superman as much. The ride is just as much about the positive forces in the swooping turnarounds as it is about airtime and that's not everyone's cup of hyper coaster tea I suppose.

This is a really good point. Some people really like positive forces, but I'm not one of them. It's probably one reason why I305 doesn't rank as well for me as it does with other people. I really think the rest of the group from this trip enjoyed Superman a lot, I was just in the minority opinion on it thinking it was just OK.
-- Andy

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Re: Photo TR: Andy's 2015 Trip -- Un Viaje a México con TPR

Postby Nrthwnd » Mon Jan 22, 2018 6:27 pm

cfc wrote:I've heard nothing but good things about Six Flags Mexico, with the exception of the Batman SLC.

When I rode it back in 2013 (first TPR tour), I couldn't believe how good it was! Of all the SLCs around the world that
I've ridden, this was (at that time) one of the better ones I had ridden! And that's a very tiny number, too.

What I said in my TR of the 2013 tour of it...

Nrthwnd wrote:Then we were taken over to where the (shudders) SLC was, called Batman. And - surprise - it wasn't too bad, considering all the *&%@# SLCs I have ridden around the world.

Thanks for the re-visit, Andy! :airtime:
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Re: Photo TR: Andy's 2015 Trip -- Un Viaje a México con TPR

Postby Canobie Coaster » Mon Jan 22, 2018 6:39 pm

Fantastic report! The park definitely looks up there with Fiesta Texas for the best looking Six Flags park and they also have one of my most sought after coasters in Medusa.
Top 5 Wood- Lightning Rod, Phoenix, Wildfire, Outlaw Run, El Toro
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Re: Photo TR: Andy's 2015 Trip -- Un Viaje a México con TPR

Postby bert425 » Tue Jan 23, 2018 9:13 am

The Great Zo wrote:
coasterbill wrote:Great report. Occasionally we see stupid cheap flights pop up to Mexico City, so I'm sure I'll hit this place one day.

Do it! And early/mid spring is a really good time to go.

now that we no longer have the dog (sniff :( ).. . . I'm pretty sure that we could get a cheap direct flight from Austin airport to Mexico City.

my Spouse won't go out of North America, but he's been to Cancun and the Caribbean, so MC shouldn't be a hard sell.. .especially since we have 2018 Season Passes now. (and I've been several times, but not since ~1985)

hmmm. . . . . ok, this is on my Radar for a quick weekend trip now.

great report, even if 3 years after, still wonderful to see!


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