Photo TR : Copenhagen, Bakken, Tivoli Gardens, Bon Bon Land

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Archived Photo Trip Reports of Theme Parks, Roller Coasters, and Donkeys!
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Re: Photo TR : Port Aventura

Postby chadster » Thu Sep 29, 2011 7:41 pm

So Stampede is more like a stroll? Awesome looking park, adding to my to-do list! Thanks for sharing!

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Photo TR : Port Aventura part II

Postby Groteslurf » Fri Sep 30, 2011 10:30 am

Yeah Chad, after the splitting up, especially the blue train almost feels like going 10mph max.

Part II
P1040775 Resized.jpg
Once my favorite B&M. It's still good, but I rode better ones in the meantime
P1040776 Resized.jpg
P1040777 Resized.jpg
P1040778 Resized.jpg
P1040779 Resized.jpg
P1040780 Resized.jpg
P1040781 Resized.jpg
P1040782 Resized.jpg
P1040790 Resized.jpg
P1040791 Resized.jpg
P1040792 Resized.jpg
P1040793 Resized.jpg
Time for another rant
P1040794 Resized.jpg
The park is selling express passes everywhere in the park, without any limit it seems ....
P1040795 Resized.jpg
Because the express line for almost every attraction (here the log flume row) was way too long.
P1040798 Resized.jpg
Some more Sesame pics
P1040801 Resized.jpg
P1040803 Resized.jpg
P1040804 Resized.jpg
P1040805 Resized.jpg
P1040806 Resized.jpg
P1040807 Resized.jpg
P1040808 Resized.jpg
P1040809 Resized.jpg
P1040810 Resized.jpg
P1040811 Resized.jpg
Small hotel break
P1040812 Resized.jpg
Mansion lobby
P1040813 Resized.jpg
At 6 pm, tapa's, soda and cava are served for free for the Mansion hotel guests
P1040818 Resized.jpg
P1040821 Resized.jpg
P1040823 Resized.jpg
I used to love this shop ....
P1040824 Resized.jpg
Now it's just an ordinary candyshop
P1040825 Resized.jpg
Aaaah, this shop is still there
P1040826 Resized.jpg
I love themeparkshops like this
P1040827 Resized.jpg
P1040828 Resized.jpg
P1040830 Resized.jpg
P1040832 Resized.jpg
But she was too tall to ride with me, so we each had our own horse :-)
P1040841 Resized.jpg
P1040842 Resized.jpg
P1040844 Resized.jpg
P1040845 Resized.jpg
P1040846 Resized.jpg
P1040852 Resized.jpg
P1040853 Resized.jpg
She had a lot of pounding to do
P1040854 Resized.jpg
I hope they won't ever transform those lovely shops into candy shops
P1040855 Resized.jpg
I was thinking of buying one for a good friend of mine, who's really into budhism
P1040856 Resized.jpg
P1040857 Resized.jpg
P1040860 Resized.jpg
P1040874 Resized.jpg
P1040875 Resized.jpg
Express line row :-(
P1040876 Resized.jpg
P1040905 Resized.jpg
P1040910 Resized.jpg
Blue train was out of order again, or maybe it halted somewhere on track ....
P1040914 Resized.jpg
P1040915 Resized.jpg
P1040916 Resized.jpg
Why do I still have a donkey title ?
P1040924 Resized.jpg
Yes, it's tilting
P1040927 Resized.jpg
They got the blue train working again
P1040941 Resized.jpg
Templo del Fuego
P1040942 Resized.jpg
P1040943 Resized.jpg
P1040944 Resized.jpg
P1040945 Resized.jpg
P1040946 Resized.jpg
P1040947 Resized.jpg
P1040948 Resized.jpg
P1040950 Resized.jpg
P1040952 Resized.jpg
P1040956 Resized.jpg
P1040962 Resized.jpg
P1040991 Resized.jpg
Hotel map
P1040992 Resized.jpg
Some kind of hidden Mickey ?
P1040994 Resized.jpg
I don't remember that thing being there ???
P1050005 Resized.jpg
Best mine train in the world .....
P1050024 Resized.jpg
New park map
P1050025 Resized.jpg
Construction works
P1050026 Resized.jpg
P1050027 Resized.jpg
P1050028 Resized.jpg
P1050029 Resized.jpg
P1050030 Resized.jpg
P1050031 Resized.jpg
P1050032 Resized.jpg
P1050036 Resized.jpg
P1050049 Resized.jpg
sdragon Resized.jpg
And some on rides to end
shura Resized.jpg
STAMPIDA Resized.jpg

Have I mentioned how awesome donkeys are?
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Re: Photo TR : Port Aventura part 1 & 2

Postby xmichellex » Fri Sep 30, 2011 11:47 am

Thanks for all these great pics! Port Aventura looks like such a nice park. I have wanted to ride Dragon Khan ever since I saw pics of it in my "White Knuckle Ride" coaster book years ago... It still is such an awesome coaster to look at.

I love the on-ride pictures! That drop tower looks insane =)
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Total Credits: 141

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Re: Photo TR : Port Aventura part 1 & 2

Postby chadster » Fri Sep 30, 2011 11:56 am

^ I agree, that onride tower photo is full of win! Too bad American parks don't have that, they'd make a fortune!

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Photo TR : Linkerwoofer & Laundry Day

Postby Groteslurf » Sat Oct 01, 2011 11:37 am

Okay, quickly moving on to the next update.
This will be a music update before my Italian theme parks TR's.
Between Spain and Italy, I had to work 3 weeks and during the day after Spain and the day before Italy, I went to 2 music festivals.
The first one was Linkerwoofer in Antwerp. A free festival and despite the really bad weather it was quite crowded. My daughters and I went to see only 1 band : De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig. My favorite local band. Well, in fact they are dutch, but we speak the same language , so ...

The day before going to Italy, I went to Laundry Day, Antwerp with a friend. It's a dance festival, originally started as a street party in my favorite shopping street in Antwerp back in 1988, Laundry Day grew to what it is today : 60000 people, 150 dh's, 15 stages. My friend already went a few times to Laundry Day, for me it was my first time since it grew so big as it is today. I had a really awesome day. The music and company were sooooo great. I decided already to go the next edition too and to another dance festival next summer.

Before moving on the pics, some youtube impressions I shot during the 2 days.

De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig

Laundry Day

Linkerwoofer : the weather really sucked
It's at the left bank of the river Scheldt
I'm a bit claustrophopic so I could have never ever done what my daughter is about to do here
De Jeugd van Tegenwoord :-)
The rain stopped magically during the concert
They were really awesome.
P1050131 Resized.jpg
Time for Laundry Day :-)
P1050132 Resized.jpg
It was a really hot day
P1050133 Resized.jpg
Circus Brussel, the stage of my favorite radio channel Studio Brussel.
P1050134 Resized.jpg
Bling Bling stage, not really my favorite music, but my friend liked it, so I liked it ;-)
P1050135 Resized.jpg
P1050138 Resized.jpg
15 stages in total
P1050140 Resized.jpg
Dubstep stage
P1050143 Resized.jpg
My friend and I :-)
P1050146 Resized.jpg
Dr Lektroluv
P1050147 Resized.jpg
Main stage
P1050148 Resized.jpg
I luv Dr Elektroluv
P1050151 Resized.jpg
P1050152 Resized.jpg
P1050153 Resized.jpg
P1050156 Resized.jpg
P1050157 Resized.jpg
P1050158 Resized.jpg
P1050163 Resized.jpg
P1050164 Resized.jpg
P1050165 Resized.jpg
P1050166 Resized.jpg
P1050168 Resized.jpg
Schedule of the day
P1050169 Resized.jpg
Mmmmmhhhh, Baccardi :-)
P1050171 Resized.jpg
Our local hero : REGI !!!!!
P1050173 Resized.jpg
P1050174 Resized.jpg
P1050175 Resized.jpg
P1050177 Resized.jpg
P1050182 Resized.jpg
P1050186 Resized.jpg
P1050187 Resized.jpg
P1050188 Resized.jpg
P1050191 Resized.jpg
P1050195 Resized.jpg
P1050197 Resized.jpg
Laundry day ....
P1050198 Resized.jpg
P1050199 Resized.jpg
At midnight, right after the fireworks, the music died, and it started to rain big time. We were TOTALLY soaked when we got to our car, but we didn't mind ... it was such an awesome day :-) :-) :-) :-)

Next up : Italy :-)

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Photo TR : Rainbow Magicland

Postby Groteslurf » Mon Oct 03, 2011 1:36 pm

After 3 years of autumn trips to Germany, this year we did a 6 days Italy Trip for in total 8 different parks, 1 sea life center and 1 waterpark.

The first Sunday of September, we arrived in Rome.
P1050200 Resized.jpg
Waiting for our flight at Brussels airport
P1050201 Resized.jpg
A few hours later we were already exploring Rome
P1050206 Resized.jpg
Somewhere over there is the vatican and some very old buildings .... that's enough culture for this trip.
P1050214 Resized.jpg
Time to eat :-)
P1050215 Resized.jpg
And yeah .... drink
P1050216 Resized.jpg
We spent our Rome evening in the Trastevere district
P1050218 Resized.jpg
P1050222 Resized.jpg
P1050223 Resized.jpg
Because we had some 5-adults-fitting-in-an-average-car problems last year, we rented this van in Italy
P1050225 Resized.jpg
Park 1 : Rainbow Magicland
P1050226 Resized.jpg
Opening ceremony
P1050228 Resized.jpg
P1050229 Resized.jpg
P1050230 Resized.jpg
First coaster of the trip
P1050231 Resized.jpg
Still testing
P1050232 Resized.jpg
P1050233 Resized.jpg
Hans was interested in other stuff
P1050234 Resized.jpg
At 10 am sharp the park opened
P1050236 Resized.jpg
P1050237 Resized.jpg
P1050238 Resized.jpg
It looks awesome
P1050239 Resized.jpg
It's a great ride, but no top 10 material
P1050240 Resized.jpg
Next ride
P1050241 Resized.jpg
The flying island
P1050242 Resized.jpg
P1050243 Resized.jpg
Ancient sexual lessons I assume
P1050244 Resized.jpg
Some areal pics
P1050245 Resized.jpg
P1050246 Resized.jpg
P1050247 Resized.jpg
P1050248 Resized.jpg
P1050249 Resized.jpg
P1050250 Resized.jpg
P1050251 Resized.jpg
Shopping outlet
P1050252 Resized.jpg
Parking lot with covered parking spaces.
P1050253 Resized.jpg
Be on time if you want to avoid the line
P1050254 Resized.jpg
P1050255 Resized.jpg
P1050256 Resized.jpg
P1050257 Resized.jpg
P1050258 Resized.jpg
P1050259 Resized.jpg
P1050260 Resized.jpg
Parks showing the way to the nearest bar must be good ;-)
P1050261 Resized.jpg
The theming at the park is totally awesome
P1050262 Resized.jpg
P1050263 Resized.jpg
P1050264 Resized.jpg
P1050265 Resized.jpg
P1050266 Resized.jpg
P1050267 Resized.jpg
P1050268 Resized.jpg
P1050276 Resized.jpg
P1050277 Resized.jpg
Fooking Elfies darkride
P1050278 Resized.jpg
Blur Elfie
P1050279 Resized.jpg
P1050280 Resized.jpg
P1050281 Resized.jpg
Approved by EB & Hans
P1050282 Resized.jpg
They didn't bother to approve it
P1050283 Resized.jpg
P1050284 Resized.jpg
P1050269 Resized.jpg
P1050274 Resized.jpg
P1050275 Resized.jpg
The rest of Rainbow Magicland coming up soon in part II

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Photo TR : Rainbow Magicland part II

Postby Groteslurf » Tue Oct 04, 2011 12:32 pm

Part II of Rainbow Magicland
P1050287 Resized.jpg
P1050285 Resized.jpg
P1050286 Resized.jpg
P1050288 Resized.jpg
P1050289 Resized.jpg
P1050290 Resized.jpg
P1050291 Resized.jpg
P1050297 Resized.jpg
P1050298 Resized.jpg
Wacky worm time
P1050299 Resized.jpg
P1050300 Resized.jpg
P1050301 Resized.jpg
Kiddie raftride
P1050302 Resized.jpg
P1050303 Resized.jpg
P1050304 Resized.jpg
P1050306 Resized.jpg
Such a weird element
P1050307 Resized.jpg
P1050308 Resized.jpg
Hello !!
P1050309 Resized.jpg
The theming in the park is overwhelming
P1050310 Resized.jpg
P1050311 Resized.jpg
P1050312 Resized.jpg
P1050313 Resized.jpg
P1050314 Resized.jpg
P1050315 Resized.jpg
P1050316 Resized.jpg
P1050317 Resized.jpg
P1050318 Resized.jpg
P1050319 Resized.jpg
P1050320 Resized.jpg
P1050321 Resized.jpg
Huntik, by far the best ride in the park. Similar to Spiderman, Indy, Dinosaur, Darkastle, .., but it includes shooting.
P1050322 Resized.jpg
P1050323 Resized.jpg
P1050324 Resized.jpg
Waiting area
P1050325 Resized.jpg
P1050326 Resized.jpg
P1050327 Resized.jpg
P1050328 Resized.jpg
P1050330 Resized.jpg
P1050331 Resized.jpg
Random restaurant theming
P1050332 Resized.jpg
P1050333 Resized.jpg
P1050334 Resized.jpg
P1050335 Resized.jpg
P1050336 Resized.jpg
P1050337 Resized.jpg
P1050338 Resized.jpg
P1050339 Resized.jpg
P1050340 Resized.jpg
P1050345 Resized.jpg
P1050356 Resized.jpg
Souvenir shop
P1050357 Resized.jpg
P1050358 Resized.jpg
More Huntik
P1050359 Resized.jpg
P1050361 Resized.jpg
Even the drop ride was themed
P1050362 Resized.jpg
Mike got soaked on one of the waterrides and didn't ride the drop tower with us but in stead tried to dry up in the sun. It worked perfectly, except ....
P1050364 Resized.jpg
here :-)
P1050365 Resized.jpg
Planetarium 4D movie
P1050367 Resized.jpg
P1050368 Resized.jpg
P1050369 Resized.jpg
Bye bye
P1050371 Resized.jpg
We still had a long drive ahead to Toscany and shortly after we arrived at the hotel, I noticed my friend ...
P1050375 Resized.jpg
We had an excellent dinner at the hotel
P1050376 Resized.jpg
P1050373 Resized.jpg
"Document your food", Hans told me
P1050377 Resized.jpg
I do remember I had a whole bottle of excellent wine all to myself
P1050380 Resized.jpg
Goodnight Toscany

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Photo TR : Cavallino Matto

Postby Groteslurf » Wed Oct 05, 2011 2:07 pm

The reason why we drove to Tuscany, was a small themepark called Cavallino Matto. If the park wouldn't have had 4 rollercoasters, we would probably never have gone to this park. But I'm very glad we did because I loved this cute little park.
The hotel we stayed in was just great in daylight. I had a room in one of the separate buildings near the swimming pool
That's the name of the hotel
Main building of the hotel
The views were stunning
Time for our morning park that day : Cavallino Matto
Entrance plaza
Mike catching up some sleep before the park opened.
The huge park entrance
Guess what this is !
Great kiddie rides
Let's ride
Next credit
Big Cheese
P1050421 Resized.jpg
P1050422 Resized.jpg
P1050423 Resized.jpg
Hans didn't really fit in the train
P1050424 Resized.jpg
P1050426 Resized.jpg
P1050427 Resized.jpg
P1050428 Resized.jpg
Airtime hill
P1050429 Resized.jpg
Hans had problems to get out of the train too.
Spaceshot tower
P1050430 Resized.jpg
This was such a great ride. Amazing before it reach over the top of the trees
P1050431 Resized.jpg
P1050433 Resized.jpg
The train building you saw before, is just the train station
P1050434 Resized.jpg
P1050435 Resized.jpg
P1050436 Resized.jpg
Splash battle
P1050437 Resized.jpg
Giant Octopussy
P1050438 Resized.jpg
P1050439 Resized.jpg
P1050441 Resized.jpg
P1050442 Resized.jpg
P1050443 Resized.jpg
P1050444 Resized.jpg
P1050440 Resized.jpg
Biggest coaster of the park
P1050445 Resized.jpg
P1050446 Resized.jpg
P1050447 Resized.jpg
P1050448 Resized.jpg
P1050450 Resized.jpg
P1050451 Resized.jpg
P1050459 Resized.jpg
P1050449 Resized.jpg
Park train
P1050462 Resized.jpg
Area NO picnic
P1050463 Resized.jpg
Mini canoe
P1050464 Resized.jpg
P1050465 Resized.jpg
P1050467 Resized.jpg
P1050468 Resized.jpg
Go EB !!
P1050469 Resized.jpg
Last credit
P1050471 Resized.jpg
P1050472 Resized.jpg
P1050473 Resized.jpg
P1050474 Resized.jpg
P1050475 Resized.jpg
P1050484 Resized.jpg
P1050486 Resized.jpg
P1050487 Resized.jpg
Horse ride
P1050488 Resized.jpg
P1050489 Resized.jpg
Another great ride you don't see very often
P1050490 Resized.jpg
P1050491 Resized.jpg
P1050492 Resized.jpg
P1050493 Resized.jpg
Safari Adventure
P1050494 Resized.jpg
P1050495 Resized.jpg
P1050496 Resized.jpg
Random drinks advertisement
P1050497 Resized.jpg
CF, don't those colors look great ?
Next Up Fiabilandia. In between we were crossing Italy from west to east.

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Re: Photo TR : Cavallino Matto

Postby The Flux Capacitor! » Wed Oct 05, 2011 5:49 pm

Wow...I have been lurking on these forums for about a year (Hi, my name is Ku, and I'm a chick from the UK. I'm 23) but omg I didn't know anyone else in the world had been to Cavallino Matto - I went there with my folks a few years ago. I even bought a t-shirt. All the credits were RUBBISH.

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Re: Photo TR : Cavallino Matto

Postby vuurvogel » Thu Oct 06, 2011 12:36 am

Woohoo, great pictures B. I always like seeing me on a roller coaster.

^ I thought the coasters were nice. It is all L&T so kind of rare. The two kiddies are not that special but I found the Mouse to be quite smooth and a funny lay out and project one was a good coaster. Not very save, but good.


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