Walt Disney World Resort Non-Park Discussion Thread

P. 98: Miss Adventure Falls at Typhoon Lagoon now open!
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Re: Walt Disney World Resort Non-Park Discussion Thread

Postby thrillrider » Thu Mar 16, 2017 5:39 am

I'm curious what would happen if the slide were to go down for a maintenance issue? So would that prevent you from picking another option, or are you stuck waiting? And if you already waited 45 min and the slide went down, I guess your s.o.l. Not to mention, it would be a domino effect for the while system.

I could see this working for the larger more popular attractions with lower thruput, but not 90% of the park.
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Re: Walt Disney World Resort Non-Park Discussion Thread

Postby Satans Hockey » Wed Mar 29, 2017 3:27 pm

robbalvey wrote:
Satans Hockey wrote:I've never been to either of the Disney water parks but I'm looking to go to maybe both of them at the end of the month. It says you can go to both on the same day with 1 ticket, is this even realistically possible to do and get on the majority of everything? I'll probably just go to 1 or do both on separate days to not have to rush but I was just curious.

Actually, yeah! When we go to the water parks we actually like to go either the first couple of hours of the day or the last. Here's why... in those first couple of hours, people haven't bothered to get up and go to a park yet, and you can usually ride almost everything at the park in the morning before the crowds get there. (get there EARLY like 30 minutes BEFORE the park opens!) In the last couple of hours, people start to get tired and stop riding stuff. So I'd say pick a park to start at, get there for opening, spend a couple of hours there, take your time park hopping to the other park, and close that one out! It's totally realistic to be able to do!

Just want to say thank you for this amazing tip, we had an awesome day today. Got to typhoon lagoon right as it opened and did everything numerous times. Hung out in the wave pool after finishing the rides, grabbed something to eat and headed over to blizzard beach around 1:30 and was able to do everything over there as well. Crowds were way lighter than I ever expected.

Blizzard beach was also trying out the no queue system, I didn't bother trying it because there were basically no lines but it's interesting to see if they are going to make it a complete park thing. I believe it was only being tested on the taller body slide, I forget the name. They were giving out wristbands at the bottom of the steps for a time to come back and then you just walked up when it was your time and they would let you in front of the people in the queue. I would have tried it but I maybe waited 5 mins in the line so I didn't bother.

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Re: Walt Disney World Resort Non-Park Discussion Thread

Postby Apollo von Sol » Tue Apr 04, 2017 7:07 pm

Looks like Disney may be moving forward with the gondola system according to the local news. Nothing officially confirmed by the park though.



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