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Fall 2005 Disneyland & Disney's California Adventure Photos

Well, we finally made it out to Disneyland for the 50th Celebration!

We got to the park EARLY (8am!) so we could head over to the "new" Space Mountain.

Ahh, here we are and although it might be the "new" Space Mountain, the outside sure looks a lot like the old one!  =)

Damn, there's already a line!  Luckily they were just holding people here and the actual wait was only about 15 minutes.

Derek:  "Um...I thought this was supposed to be different?  All this stuff looks EXACTLY the same!!!"
Kid: "Are you my mommy?"

So we get into the main "queue" area and I have to be honest, it's pretty much exactly the same.  Sure everything now has
a silver coat of paint, and sure they've bolted some plastic-looking parts onto the old rocket....but it's pretty much the same.

This rounded front part of the rocket is the most drastic change of the entire queue area.

They also added air gates.  The trains other than the location of the speakers are also exactly the same.

The exit areas haven't changed one bit.  Well, ok, they removed the escalator and put in stairs...big deal!

As for the ride itself, they have added a few new lighting effects at the beginning and end of the ride which look nice, but for the most
part they are just "updated" versions of what was there before.  There really isn't anything "new" that has been added.  The track layout
is EXACTLY the same, and with all the reports we heard that the ride is now "smoother" well, I don't remember it being rough to begin with.
If you are a die-hard Disney freak who visits the park every week, you will probably notice lots of subtle little changes.  But for me, someone
who had only been on Space Mountain about 5 times in the last two years the "old" one was open, I noticed VERY little that was different.

Next up was the new Buzz Lightyear ride!
What's with Disneyland Resort and all their hallways?  =)

Buzz was a lot of fun.  A little better than the Florida version due to the removable guns, but everything was really *tight*
Just like Derek and Jeff! 

We took a quick ride on the Jungle Cruise - New Piranha's were cool, I guess.

Ahh, yes, who could forget the castle?  (well, it IS quite forgettable actually!)  All decked out for the 50th and doesn't it look HUGE???

Here's let's put things into perspective for you! 
"No Derek - don't eat the castle!  You don't want to spoil your appetizer!"

Wes: "I'm catatonic!"
Jeff: "I like farting out of my mouth"

Yeah, Nightmare invades Haunted Mansion!

This is probably one of the best ideas to come to Disneyland in a long time!

I think I actually like this version of Haunted Mansion over the normal one!

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