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Since everyone got so annoyed with us over our
last tower photo, we decided to put up a real one.
So here it is, DCA's Tower of Terror....a GREAT ride...not as good as Florida's, but still a GREAT ride!  =)

Our main goal was to take Bethany and Dallas on Tower of Terror, but thanks to only have 6 turnstiles open, 
it took a little while to get into the park....

Today was Mother's Day, so all the mothers got cool little flowers!  A very nice touch.

Here's the California version of "Tower Garden Queue" they have in Florida. 
The plans for this one called for a little more "concrete!"  =)

After we
posted about the Tower of Terror "Hallway", and how this is very different from the Florida version, we decided to get some
photos to try to explain it better.  This photo was taken from the boarding queues, and as you can see you don't walk
directly into the elevator car like the Florida version.

Unlike the Florida version of Tower of Terror, there is an un-themed exit hallway in between the boarding area and the ride vehicle.

Here's a little bit better photo (although a little blurry!). The elevator car is to the left, and the boarding queues
to the right.  For some reason, this REALLY bothers me.  After being in the immersive, well themed  hotel lobby, library,
 and boiler room, you see this plain, "shopping mall-like" corridor before entering the ride. This is an example of what I 
mean when I say the theming on the DCA version of Tower of Terror feels 3-feet deep, compared to WDW which feels 10-feet deep.

It would have been nice to see them doing a little bit better job grouping the guests.
Each elevator seemed to have at least 4 or 5 empty seats.  At this rate, there is no way the DCA
version is getting the better-than-Florida-version capacity it's supposed to have.

"Hello...my name is Mr. Boiler Face." 
 Which Queue do I look like I belong in?  Dr. Doom's Fear Fall,
Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin, or Tower of Terror?

The most awesome thing about Tower....it clears out the rest of the park!
We walked right onto Soarin' about an hour after the park opened!

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