Movie Park Germany with Theme Park Review!
NOTE!  Onride footage in this video has been shot by an experienced ride photographer. For rider safety reasons, Please DO NOT take a camera on any ride or roller coaster without proper training or permission from park management.
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Posted Date : Sun 19th Jul 2009
Is the coaster sponsered by Mazda? Or are you saying Mazdas are rough
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Hey everyone! With the removal of "Cop Car Chase" or "Lethal Weapon" or whatever you want to call it, we thought we'd release the Movie Park Germany segment we did for our last year's "Volume 6" DVD. And of course you can always check out our photos from our visit here: http://www.themepa 005/moviepark/moviep ark1.htm So here it is...check it afraid of large fat dancing characters. And there is some good coaster footage too! --Robb "Be interesting to see if people get the Zoom, Zoom part!" Alvey
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