Kings Dominion Intimidator 305 POV Video
NOTE!  Onride footage in this video has been shot by an experienced ride photographer. For rider safety reasons, Please DO NOT take a camera on any ride or roller coaster without proper training or permission from park management.
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Posted Date : Mon 12th Oct 2009
It looks like it will be a "good" coaster. The first drop will be amazing, but the rest could have just been achieved with a launch, making it even more race car realistic.
Posted Date : Sat 3rd Oct 2009
Is it just me, or does this look KIND of like a giant MegaLite?
Posted Date : Mon 28th Sep 2009
Um... Let me just start by saying that this ride will be nothing short of amazing. First off look how high the first drop is, and then look at the hight of the first airtime hill. Behemoth for example at PCW has a ton of airtime hills. The first airtime hill that follows after behemoth's first drop is really tall and it takes away the speed of the train so the cresting of the airtime hill is not so intense. This new ride (I305) on the other hand is almost half the hight of the first drop. This train on this coaster is going to approach that first airtime hill at ninety miles an hour. WOW! The train is going to tear over that first hill. There are no really high airtime hills which means the trains are going to maintain a very fast pace throughout the entire course. So if you or anyone else gets a chance to ride this coaster, you will be hitting the smaller airtime hills with PUNCH, let me tell you. This layout is just simply spectacular, and will undoubtedly provide the most enjoyable but also intense ride experience the roller coaster world has seen. I am so happy to finally see a coaster with a new truly custom designed layout. Don't let the animation fool you, this ride will be........speechless. Riders are going to drop out of the air at the same hight as MF at Cedar Point, huge the ground, bank turn, switch turns, small airtime hills along with intense speed. Look very closely at the ride layout and study its features. AWESOME!
Posted Date : Thu 3rd Sep 2009
it would be tooooo scarey for me i cant take huge drops at all
Posted Date : Thu 3rd Sep 2009
It looks like it will have some intense G's. The design does seem to lack some personality. I would like to see some tunnels and maybe a few more hills. I'm sure it will be a great coaster just not a Bizzaro or MagnumXL200
Posted Date : Tue 1st Sep 2009
I don't like it.
Posted Date : Sun 30th Aug 2009
Posted Date : Sun 30th Aug 2009
was alittle disappointed when i saw this video layout of the ride, particularly cause cedar fair always try to out do themselves with their coaster creations (I.E. after they introduce MF the worlds first 300ft coaster they came back and introduce top thrill dragster at 420 ft,but after further review and since im an physics professor i must say for the coaster to negotiate those banked turns at 70 mph let alone 80 mph or 90mph is going to be just pure unadulterated thrills. With the laws of gravity/inertia the positive/lateral g's on this coaster are going to create weightlessness in and of the transition turns, and hill elevations. Studying this layout of track and comparing it to physics the best parts of this ride are going to be the cresting of the 2nd hill at highspeeds of 60mph, and all the s-curve transitions. This ride doesnt look very intimidating, and its definately NOT the millenium force,but it is well themed, and will be very intense and thrilling. Trust me folks this coaster wont disappoint it well be forceful. Just think of volcano the blast coaster bank turn at 75mph how thrilling that is. NOW IMAGINE TRAVELING 10-15MPH FASTER THROUGH EVEN MORE TIGHTLY BANKED TURNS, AND TRANSITIONS??? PURE THRILL!!!! YOU GUYS WILL LOVE IT!!! I CANT WAIT!! AND THE BACK SEAT IS WHERE IL SIT TO REALLY TAKE IN ALL THE G FORCES!!! CONGRATES TO CEDARFAIR/INTAMIN FOR THEIR COASTER INNOVATIONS
Posted Date : Fri 28th Aug 2009
Looks pretty forceless after the first drop...too bad. It looks so epic.
Posted Date : Thu 27th Aug 2009
the trains are not going to be like maverick, but like tornado at bakken, thank god cause i dont think i could handle getting my head smashed on every turn.
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Kings Dominion Intimidator 305 POV Video
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