Blackpool Pleasure Beach
NOTE!  Onride footage in this video has been shot by an experienced ride photographer. For rider safety reasons, Please DO NOT take a camera on any ride or roller coaster without proper training or permission from park management.
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Here's pretty much most of the footage I got from the last CFlive ( member trip) meetup at Blackpool. It was freezing cold, it was busy, the bus was a death trap that took an entire day to make a 4 hour journey- but we all had fun in the end! You'll note that Valhalla, Grand National, Whip, Turtle Chase, Revolution, Space Invader, Log Flume, Bling and the haunted house spin type ride are not included. This is because they were ALL closed. All of them. This is despite the park not being run by Six Flags
Blackpool  Pleasure  Beach  
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